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Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, Direct Transmission, Ichijo, Mind, Mushin, Subconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on April 18, 2009

If anybody want to live as a Buddhist, just live don’t waste the time thinking.

Unlike the Hinduism which started from the myth or story, the Buddhism was started by the man who

got the clearest eyes and his observations, it is based on the realm of the fact.

The realm of the fact mean, it is not the imaginary world, but the solid reality of the life.

In deed the Buddhism is the way of the life, not a fantasy.

In the same context if anybody attempt to dissect and analyze the Buddhism, the answer can not be found

from the theoretical thinking. It can only be found from the practice.

That is the reason why , like the Soto-Zen prohibit the teaching in the verbal mean.

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  1. Yoshizen said, on April 24, 2009 at 14:40

    —— POTATO ——
    When you cook potato (or what ever) and when you see them started to sprout,
    suddenly you might felt a kind of hesitation,
    “Should I cook or better put them in the garden to let them grow ?”
    —— This is a sure sign of you are in the right path in the Buddhism.
    Even if you have been killing potato boiling alive without giving a damn, when
    you see them showing a clear sign of growth, you must become aware, they are
    also the life.
    Pay respect to all the fellow life is the fundamental attitude of the Buddhist, not
    because of the teachings or rules.
    —— (If you argue ” No! Potato is there meant to be eaten by the man” you are
    too deeply entwined with the Christianity.
    Potato has been there (in south America ) long long before even a part of the
    Bible, such as the Gilgamesh Myth was written)
    By saying so I wouldn’t proclaim myself as any kind of protector of the nature,
    since I have killed thousand of insects to make them a collection of the
    specimen when I was young. It is too late for me to pretend.
    (Later I changed to photography, instead to kill them and became an expert
    of the close-up photography specializing in Alpine Flora)

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