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Buddha’s teaching “Everything in life and the life itself is the continuous flow of all sorts of occurrences which

occurs in relation to other existences and in relation to everything in the past, present and future,

therefore nothing can be defined as a solid one existence, since it is constantly changing.

Then the death will halt this constant flow of Karma, therefore, it is the Nirvana”

(This teaching was utterly contrary to the Veda’s foundation, the (imaginary) existence of the Atman

and its perpetuity is the basis of their idea of the re-incarnation.)

Though, the early Buddhist who couldn’t capture the Buddha’s teaching as its entirety, started fuss about

the superficial details “Wait a moment, we have to elucidate the meanings of what the Buddha taught”

and tried to define each notion, word by word ofwhich the written word itself could have been already

mislaid or misinterpreted over hundreds of years.

The result was the huge mountain of Abidharmakosa scripts.

Still, the Buddhism survived more or less in its original form, thanks to the direct transmission.

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