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Subconscious Data Bank

Are we the conscious owner of our-self ?

I remember the stir and the annoyances among the scientists and philosophers

when they faced with the first ever report of the live brain scan.

It was the discovery of the fact, we are not consciously thinking.

The thinking process was being done unconsciously.

Naturally it lead to the most fundamental question, If not consciously thinking

who made this decision ?

If am not I, who is the one consciously aware I am ?

——Thinking process does not needs to be conscious.

Make an analogy in the computer.

Even though we program it in a kind of English (only after the computer became

able to be programed in higher language —– before it, all had to be done in

Hex or binary number ) computer is not operating in English. And even in

the out put sage, unless the signal was not decoded in ASCII it wouldn’t become

readable in A B C.

Exactly same as this, our thought, especially such as deep feeling, vague idea etc

has to be first categorized in the pattern and converted into own language,

otherwise we can not consciously process it in English.

In every-days life we are reading numerous signs and even a hint without converting

them to the words.


In a latest development of the Honda Asimo Humanoid Robot, Honda created

” Thought controlling System ” using a geographical pattern of the activity in

the brain , picked up by the sensors in a helmet, and enabled to move the

Asimo’s right hand left hand and so on.

This experiment demonstrating the fact, to think something, we don’t nee to

have linguistic conversion.

And without conscious, the process in the brain is still taking place.

I also recall a funny quote ” The bathroom is where most of the important

invention was conceived”. I know lots of people would agree with this.

Why bathroom ? The answer is very simple. All of us do the business as

a routine and we have done the same, hundreds of thousands of times.

We don’t need to think about and do it unconsciously.

And the bathroom is where our brain has a moment of brake in the busy life.

Once our brain was vacated empty (some may describe it, completely open

minded) it is easier to sense and locate a faint image or vague idea, when it came

up from the depth of unconscious darkness. Then you might shout ” Eureka”

The original concept, conceived in the unconscious process having much grater

freedom of the creativity than the ordinary rational thinking.

Zen meditation is the way to create this condition of the brain, in a bit more

comfortable, less smelly environment.

( If possible, under a Bodhi tree. Ha Ha Ha šŸ™‚ )

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  1. yoshizen said, on May 1, 2009 at 18:26

    We have been accumulating the data bank since we arrived in this world, and it
    even include the genetically imprinted memory of our ancestor.
    ( I’ll talk about further in a later time)
    Everybody know the situation, when we were triggered by something, smell or
    sight etc etc, suddenly the long forgotten memory came up. Which can be a
    memory we have experienced as a baby.
    The most important aspect here is that the data bank we have in the subconscious
    file is far grater than what we can consciously refer.
    Though, the memory or data are there, most of them are hidden and usually not
    consciously accessible.
    ( So, sometime Hypnotism was used to recall them )
    Zen meditation is the way we can tap into this hidden data bank and utilize them
    as a key to solve a question or even for a creative inspiration.
    Unlike newly learnt knowledge or borrowed buzz-word, those long accumulated
    data were either originated from one’s own experience which is in most of the
    case entwined with the emotion, or it has been repeated again and again in one’s
    So that, our subconscious memory, the accumulated data bank had been
    weighed in emotional significance or higher statistical possibility.
    Therefore, the answer or the idea made out of those subconscious data bank is
    much more accurate and precisely related to the person’s life.
    (With the same reason, women’s intuition which is based on the same subconscious data bank is often very accurate.)
    Since the answer is so accurate and precise, beyond the ordinary thinking,
    people call this as the wisdom.
    And as its came out of invisible depth of subconsciousness, Buddhist thought
    this is the revelation of the Dharma.
    (That is why, Dharma is in You )

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