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No Words ?

On the beginning there was no ( written ) words.

After the death of Buddha, this situation continued 200 years.

Its mean the Buddhism continued without having solid dogma or

unified teachings.

Even in the Buddha’s time there were several types of Buddhists exist,

such as Shomon (who is receiving the teaching and following it) and

Dokkaku (practicing and learning by themselves and attain enlightenment).


How was it possible when there was no book, no instruction manual and

without attending teaching sessions, yet attain the enlightenment ?

Because, in the Buddhism, there is no monopolized secret or exotic

formula to study.

No mysticism, no mumbo jumbo.

Buddha’s teaching was based on his observation of facts and the common

sense which can be understood even by a learning difficulty person.

——- Buddha never demonstrated any miracle as he was not magician or

Devinne figure, and died as mortal with food poisoning of a fish.

( On the death bed, he never said to the disciples  ” I’ll come back ” kind of

the words as he knew and taught that the death is the final end.

What Buddha taught was ( in metaphor ) ” There is a gold mine. Go and

find it.  Where ?  its in you ”

Anyone can find the gold as everybody has, provided if the one keeps

searching it.

So that there is no wonder, even Dokkaku can.  Hence DIY ZEN here.

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  1. peter said, on May 13, 2009 at 18:27

    it sems that the simplest truths are most hard to believe in. We look for so long at the world outside we always forget the world inside. As an aetheist buddhism seems the only religion or beleif system to make any sense.

  2. yoshizen said, on May 14, 2009 at 18:06

    Yes that’s true, when the matter looked simple its understanding went down deep
    into our subconscious and lodged hard there. So, its very difficult to change.
    There are tow aspects in ” world inside” —– one is our brain, and the other is
    what we created in our imagination.
    Our brain and how its works, is as mysterious as the outer universe.
    Since the Buddhism accept all the existences and its rules as the Dharma, it looks
    like atheist, still, as Buddha refused to answer, we still don’t know who triggered
    the Big Bang. ———yet, somebody could be there, and I noticed something
    which we couldn’t comprehend in science, we need to be very open minded.

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