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Confidence to be here

Living as a Buddhist many years, what I found something peculiar was its

paradoxical psyche, the co-existence of the humbleness and the absolute


If the cosmic creation was the creation of all the matters, we have to see,

ultimately it created myself as well, as I am the compound of those matters

which are ruled by all level of physics.

Buddha called those rules and entwined relations as Karma and the Dharma.


Whether it was by intention or natural consequence, I was created here and

others too.  Therefore, there is no superiority between me and any other



But in the same time, there must be a certain will or reason or condition in

physics or bio-chemistry to create me as I am.

Whether myself here, is a solid existence or just a superficial phenomenon,

I have to see the peculiarity of me as I am.

This peculiarity includes my charactor and my role in the life as well.

——- to use a metaphor,  Me to exist here and to perform my role,

might be expected and designed by the Dharma, unless otherwise

Dharma must have created somebody else

In other words, there was a needs or rationale of me to exist here and

me to fulfill my expected duty in my life.

This is the ultimate confidence of the Buddhists, which you can have

the same too, as you are.

( This is the reason why the Buddhism asking the people to have

self-awareness, and find one’s own peculiarity and the role to play.)

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