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Perfect Circle

One of the Zen priest in Japan was well known to draw near perfect circle free hand.

—- Just to make a tea, tea master spend 10, 20 years, even all his life

perfecting its procedure down to the minute details.

—- In Internet, you may find rather peculiar  site to make a perfect

sphere of mud ball.     < google  to    dorodango   >

——— ?      What is the point to draw perfect circle, or to make perfect

mud ball, or perfect tea ?

To achieve perfection is the Buddhism.     It is the way to reach  Nirvana.


To practice this path-way  by doing utterly useless, repeating action is

the Zen practice.  (sitting is one of the popular method )

Because of its useless, valuelessness, it is free from any greed

and vain arrogance.

And as it is purposeless, it is no use anything other than for Zen.

Useless, purposeless act couldn’t nest any idea or thought of ego or greed,

therefore it is a very effective way  to empty the mind and achieve Selflessness.


Many years of practice in selfless,  Zatsunen-less concentration and perfecting

a dairy subjects on the front one by one, will lead to the perfection of

the life in total.     Thus, ultimately it lead to a peaceful  Nirvana.


When you see an extremely detailed fine carving of Japanese Netsuke,  you

might think  ” It is mare stopper of a string, what is such an over quality for ? ”


What you are seeing is just a by-product.

By making it, the craftsman achieved his perfection and achieved his Nirvana.

This is the secrets behind of intricacy of the Japanese Art.

——– ( In reality though, as Japanese society was a tight feudal society,

there was no chance to move up in the social system even for a top craftsman

and little financial reward for even to the best art.

The pride and the spiritual achievement was only the way out for those people )

—– Sound pathetic ?    Wrong again.

Have look.    Even though, it was a by-product of his life, a beautiful  Netsuke

is still appreciated by people even hundred of years after his death.

His signature art achieved the eternal life.

This is not a belief or rhetoric, this is a fact.

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