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Posted in Art, Buddha Figure, Buddhism, Selflessness, Who is Yoshizen, Zen by yoshizen on July 25, 2009

Strangely you may think though, I have appeared in the BBC News Site,

but not as Yoshizen, but aka /  Yoshi Imamura, demonstrating

” Psycho-kinetic Motor “ and in the video clip ” Pendulum Clock “

made out of computer HDD, and above all, the figure of the

” Buddha-2009 ” also appeared ( with the rotating light as his heart ).

http:// news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/8125259.stm

(or Click top right column / ASSOCIATE / BBC News)


I’m going to put the Buddha-2009’s full picture in this blog

in near future, though just give you a brief explanation how and why

the Buddha was depicted in this manner.

——- More than 20 years ago, I saw an image of a stone carving of

Buddha in his asceticism practice, almost skeleton like figure from

Gandhara, and I was deeply struck by it.

So that when I decided to create Buddha’s stature 7 years ago, I designed

to make him like a skeleton of which the head is a clear glass sphere

as the Buddhism stands on the selflessness.

The heart shows perpetually changing pattern of light, since

nothing stays permanent. —– etc (all the Buddhism teachings

are symbolised and depicted in here)

——-This is a sample of the Zen Buddhism in action, not in talking.

And my way to the Nirvana.

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