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Posted in Buddhism, Dharma, Flower, Mandhara, Selflessness, Subconsciousness by yoshizen on August 10, 2009

IMG_1159 A while ago, I was invited to attend a gathering of

the Tibetan Buddhists.

As a Tibetan Buddhism, it belongs to the Vajrayana Buddhism.

So that, the gathering went through an elaborated ritual rite

of which the participants taking part with chanting the mantra

and practice hand gestures.


Elaborated rituals impress the people.

The people who attend such ritual, seeing gorgeous costumes

or strange regalia, never rise question but just follow.

People instantly accept it as it is, since it supposed to have ultimate authority with mysticism.

Anyhow it is beyond the comprehension of the ordinary mind, almost like looking inside of a computer.

The more elaborated, looks expensive, looks remote from ordinary knowledge, it precludes the question.

And deep impression becomes an imprint in the subconscious. (Then start to influence the person)


A clever part of this sect’s practice is, as they ask the followers to visualise their Guru, the visual memory

of the rituals together with the feelings of the atmosphere comes back whenever the person meditates again.

This technique might be much easier to practice for the beginners.

Instead to vacate the mind, totally fills it with the image of Guru is, in effect, it is the state of non-self———

—–somebody-else is definitely not oneself though, this is not Buddhism but Vedic practice.

When the mind was filled by an image or notion, it is impossible to see the things in clear eyes.

This is the very reason why Buddha taught to see with empty mind / selflessness.


From this gathering, I brought back a flower which was used for a gesture of offering, thrown on to the

air and most of them end up on the floor.

After 10 days, this flower is still blooming in my kitchen. And this must be the best gift I received at the day,

since I don’t need to question this flower of Natural Mandhara, created by the Dharma, or this is

the Dharma itself.

Why do we need to see a man-made print of  Mandhara.


PS: Funny phenomenon is, this blog received loads of virus spams.

(though they are all filtered out by the security program)

It’s not a Buddhist like behavior. So that, in deed this is a proof of

its not done by the Buddhists.

If the eyes has been deluded by a false vision, one can not see

even oneself, nor can not see what oneself is doing.(What a hell)

——-I rather like to see the daughters of Mara dancing naked,

than the spams. Ha Ha Ha     😀

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  1. corinne said, on November 2, 2009 at 10:52

    hello yoshi,
    it was great to meet you at shunt last week.
    checked out your article on BBC news, looks fantastic!
    i should send you some pictures of my clock…
    would be great if you can send me the pictures you took of us!
    speak soon,

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