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Posted in Buddhism, Ethos, Subconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on December 31, 2009

” Buddhism works like the way to empty a Bucket “

In the previous post ” Why Subconscious  (2)” I have used the word Black box to describe how

Buddhism is operating in a simple idea, by keeping the awkward “Mind matter” in the Black box.


In order to save the suffering people Buddha found the way, not by Political approach or

Social change, but to change the people’s perception  and the way of thinking, in another word

changing the mind system.  Since, the burning issue was to rescue the people who has been

deluded by the Vedic belief of reincarnation, and guide them to the correct spirituality.

To change the Mind system / one’s perception and the way of thinking which is inherently

entwined  with the person’s  Self,———- Buddha casted the doubt to this  Self.

Since he had contemplated the Fundamental principle of the Karma, nothing can be certain

therefore this very Self couldn’t escape either.  Even worse, the part of Self is the Ego which is

the cause of the troubles.  So, he found the best way to solve the trouble is, to get rid of

this Self all together.

Since its existence itself is uncertain, and in fact we are doing many of our activity without

even noticing it, if people practiced long enough, people get used to do it without the Self, and

the Self should disappear by its own deed, since the Dharma and its rules is ruling us from inside.

As Buddha observed and felt the Dharma in his Selfless state, he found  we are born with it

though, the Self is masking it.  Therefore, live without Self will lead to the Enlightenment.

The actual way to study and practice and contemplate Buddha’s teachings differ sect to sect now,

but from the earliest original form, it must be consisting the repetitive simple practice, such as

walking round and round, and exactly follow  the Buddha’s way of life, eat exactly like him,

wash exactly like him, sleep exactly like him etc, down to the minute details.

As Buddha was doing everything in the Selfless way, the life itself is simple and everything was

carried out as a routine.  And the routine looks always the same, so the followers can learn and copy it.


We can not see Buddha himself in person now, nor the Master who wrote Mantra did,

still those tradition was reflected and kept in the way of daily life in a monastery  such as I’ve seen in

the Eihei-Ji, Soto Temple where no conversation, explanation taking place, therefore we just have to

follow the senior who already learned.  We were only the visitor, we are free not follow and

free to leave though, strangely, —–if you are there, you know—– it was the Imperative.

Nothing written, nothing instructed still, something the invisible power overwhelmed us.

There was no another way exist but just follow and Just Do the same, unconditionally.

By doing this, effectively one’s Ego has been removed and any remaining question was silenced.

This must be the way how people followed Buddha in the first place 2500 years ago.


With this practice,  how its affect the follower’s mind may be described as emptying the bucket,

much more than a button on the Black Box.  The content of the Bucket is still in the Black Box though

regardless, or it is not the matter what is in the Bucket, just empty it, so remove the Self include the

Ego all together.  ———-And replace the contents, with the Ethos of the Buddhism.

The marvel of the Buddhism and its  “Just do the practice ” is, it works perfect without  clear reason.

( That is why it took 30 years for me to find out the reason Why and How it works )


To empty the Bucket and put new idea, is in fact commonly known as a  Brain Wash.

Sound awful as the most of the people may think though, whats wrong with Brain Wash.

All the culprit of so-called  Cult with Brain wash, has used the technique they had learned

from the Buddhism, simply because it is the only technique, effectively works to the Mind

hidden in the Black Box. (If it is not in the Black Box, Logical persuasion  will work)

The matter is not the technique,  what to put into the emptied Bucket.

( It must be quite comfortable to have dirty brain washed.  Splash, Splash,  😀 )


Just learning or hearing new idea, only makes yet another memory  which may be soon forgotten and

not give any effect to the person’s life, since it is only connected to the person’s conscious memory

(known as a short-term memory) and the thinking.

Instead, what Buddha had found is, to connect it to the subconsciousness and put the new idea into

subconscious long-term memory by the technique of simple repetitive practice.

(My explanation, why this repetitive practices work ?——- Please see many of previous posts )



Until here, what I’ve talked about in this blog is,  the hidden facts of ” What the Buddhism is ” which

you may not like my radical view and use or choice of the word (as I’m explaining it in a form of skeleton,

without any fat ) though if you remove wool from your eyes, you may able to see it in the same way.

This is not my invention, the fact is there and all the old  Masters had been doing it.

I’ve just found the words to describe it,  thats all.

———-The professional (so-called ) Buddhists  who is extracting the money from the innocent

(in certain extent, ignorant )followers, need to sell the product / the image or snobbish good feeling

of the Buddhism, therefore need to wrap up the product with nice wrapping paper, knowing as

most of the people are, in reality, never goes more than just touching, playing with its package.

So that those professionals wouldn’t like my view especially.

The important point is,  Buddhism is not based on the glorious illusion or dubious miracle, but on the

clear factual effect to the mind.  This truth is hard and dry as a  Skeleton  (Like the Buddha-2009  :-))


I’m not trying to start any new movement or sect, I am more of an investigative journalist after the truth.

What I did is just an ” Alchemy of Life ” follow the old steps of Arthur Rimbaud, as myself as a guinea pig

and me myself as a closest observer,  since we can’t see the inside of other person’s mind but we

may see the own mind deep down to the subconscious level. (with the help of the Zen technique)

———- Basically I’ve learned this from the Professor Okamoto while studying  Industrial Sociology,

” Think and observe, as if you are the person with his back ground  and working there.  As a same

human, you can feel and think almost like him.  Sociology is not just counting the number of people

in the category, but you may need to create even new category and  the frame work and the Theory”

———- And I actuary worked, like in the construction site, building huge power station in

Okinawa, Japan, even  setting up safety net 30 m high (as I was a climber it was my expertise)

And, even worked in the production line of Honda car factory in Suzuka.

( That is how I got loads of funny stories )

———-When I left Japan, taking a ship to Siberia and train to Europe, I thought this is my Abyssinia.

( In the next post, I’m going to step out from the simple fact and go to my Hypothesis

of the structure of the human mind.

In fact this is the core of my findings, and the purpose of this blog.)


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