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Posted in Buddhism, Dharma, Evolution of Mind, Lemon Zen, Subconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on January 5, 2010

( This is a diversion though funnily enough,  I found this is a KEY function of the Buddhism psyche )

I stumbled on a Japanese Website giving a kind of Agony Ante advice which says,

To get rid of the troubled mind of lost love and get on the life is, ——- the best way is to write a letter

to the person telling all the thoughts or explanations etc etc.  (But, not actually send to the lost lover)

Then, soon or later, the agony of lost love will gone and become a history.


In fact I found this when I was in my love-sick youth (don’t forget, even Yoshizen was

once a pretty baby——- a bit long time ago though   Ha Ha Ha  😀 ) and in that situation,  I found

” Dissect the feeling of the love too much,  it lose a sizzle and became dry “.

———- It is a  well-known fact, mad love is in fact, caused by the unbalance of the hormones,

and this psychological, physiological condition was created by the over stimulated emotion.

Though, once the subject and its feeling in one’s subconscious was brought out under the light

and analyzed and given a written description it became a clear object.

When we see the same object again and again, we lose the interest, so that, once a

such pretty exciting object, become a mediocre. ( Then,  How I could  be such mad   ? ? ? )


When love-sick person sit down and try to meditate, it is impossible to get rid of love thoughts,

though if the person has to do this every day, not only its hot emotion become clear object

but also, the brain started to have a fatigue of the same subject, then its no longer able to

trigger the emotion——– its mean the person was effectively detached from the subject.


So, when you sit, but couldn’t get rid of the thought,  it is the indication of

” This is the thought, you have been bothered and need to let it go “——– So, let the thought to

come up again and again.  Don’t fight with this process but give a good analysis, soon or later, the thought

itself become brittle and  wear out, and the interest where the thought was originated, lose significance.

———- Be an ordinary human, and just sit —–( Don’t pretend to be a super human, like Bodhidharma)

( Though, I rather like to cut cucumber for my diner which I can enjoy, than sitting —– 🙂 )

The Natural process will take you to the next stage, step by step.

This is what we call the Dharma.


( Then sharp-eyed reader may find a contradiction, ” Why repeated analysis of love-sickness can

make it detached, and on the other hand, repeated readings of the Mantra goes down deep ? ? ? ”

Well spotted.

The analysis of the feeling exposes the silliness of the love-sickness, by its objective logical thinking.

But even illogical teachings in the Mantra would gradually makes sense subconsciously, as it was

written to appeal to the deep logics of the spirituality, which we were born with.——- Convinced ?   🙂

I’ve tested as it works, and tested by the people 2500 years of time.  Try and find it by your self. )


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