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Posted in Buddhism, Christianity, East and West, Selflessness by yoshizen on January 7, 2010

While exchanging the comments with formidable Theologian Irishanglican DPh ThD and others,

Stark contrast of, probably the best Epitome of the East and West emerged.

Christianity was based on the universality of the pain on the body and the Emotion.

As all the human has evolved from the single ancestor, all the physical system, brain, naval system,

function of hormone etc are all virtually identical.

And the upper system constructed on it, the Instinct, Emotion, most of the structure and function

and the tendency of the Subconscious is more-or-less the same to each other,  in any race.

So that the depiction of the crucified Jesus and his pain strikes the Emotion straight, together with

the fear of death.  On top of this, yet another Emotional topic of the Love appeals to anybody too.

Even it based on the instinctive fear though,  to be as an attractive Religion it is necessary to have

an exit, Salvation and the Heaven.


In contrast, the Eastern Philosophies are based on the Notion of  Supreme Power who controls

the fate of the individual,  therefore leaving the matters of inequality,—– one may feel pain but

not others and accept the trouble of the life as an individually given fate or Karma.

Then went to find the solution in the mechanism of the Psyche —– to over come the trouble

by shifting the way to see the trouble, and the way to control the Emotion, by proposing

ideal personality and his life style.

The beauty of the Buddhism is, as they found the most effective way to deal with the troubles by

the technique of the Selflessness, which is effectively cut off the Emotion and its detrimental

effect to the life.


In short, The Christianity after Jesus is based on the universality of the Emotion,

In contrast the Buddhism is based on how to detach from the Emotion.

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  1. irishanglican said, on January 8, 2010 at 01:00

    I have a D. Phil., and Th.D., but not the Ph.D. My doctorates are English. But that means nothing before God, they are human elements.

    Indeed, the comparison by our Buddhist friend are simply his own (or Buddhist), they do not resonant with my own, or both the Scripture and the Churches definitions. Emotion is part of life, and in this life the only real detachment, is the life of another…”Christ in you, the hope of glory (or glorification).” (Col. 1:27, St. Paul)

    Peace of Christ,
    Fr. Robert +

    This will be my last post here. But thank you.

  2. yoshizen said, on January 8, 2010 at 01:56

    Thank you Irishanglican
    As I stated in the early post, this is the DIY approach to the Zen.
    So that, those post may not even be a common Buddhist view.
    I know Master Dogen would have horrified my view.
    As I depicted the figure of Buddha in the shape of a skeleton, and
    wrote somewhere ” without fat”
    I don’t need to follow the formal elabolated view or so-called tradition
    or the prescription of the establishment.
    What I need is to find the critical core, the hidden principal of the human Psyche
    by which the religion operates.

    • irishanglican said, on January 8, 2010 at 02:30

      (That “critical core, the hidden principal of the human Psyche” is Christ Jesus for us Christians. And herein is LOVE, between persons, His and ours. Also here is our fire and light!

      Best Yoshizen!

      Fr. R.

  3. yoshizen said, on January 8, 2010 at 05:48

    To Irishanglican

    It is a very sharp insight.
    The truth is not on the pretty decoration.
    But all ways deep bottom inside.
    As a sun of Priest I could have ordained with a process of formality in one year.
    In stead I spend 30 years to search the core.
    We might be the two bumped in the field.

    Nam Rob


    • irishanglican said, on January 8, 2010 at 17:44


      I too was in ‘the Nam’..I was on loan to the 3rd Force Recon, out of Phu Bai (’68), though I saw little time there, since with CAP’s also. Yes, there was nothing like the Nam!

  4. yoshizen said, on January 8, 2010 at 20:13

    Oops, sorry I’ve caused confusion.
    Nam is not Vietnam, it is a Buddhist equivalent of Haleluya.
    To use such as, ” Nam Amitaba-Buddha”
    One of the contributor of the comments here (such as at “Selflessness
    and Detachment “—— contoveros.wordpress.com seemed to be there.
    As he is practicing Zen and having profound insight to the human life
    I recommend you to see his blog and exchange the opinion.
    Its worthwhile to click.


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