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Non-Belief System

Posted in Belief system, Buddhism, Evolution of Mind, Subconsciousness by yoshizen on January 10, 2010

It seems the most popular Belief System now,  is the System of Non-Belief.

An absurd contradiction  of those non believers are, they are still saying  “I’m a Spiritual Person”.——-What ?

(He might have meant, I’m a noble person better than you )   😀


Some years ago there was a very intriguing report  ” The Heart seems to have its own  Mind “ which

was based on the research,  the recipients of the Heart Transplant operations,  had apparently changed

the personality, preference of the food taste, choice of music etc,  to the taste of the donor / previous owner

of the heart,  supported by the another discovery,  the heart is having quite complexed nerve system

far more than the necessity to produce the timing pulse.

——— Heart is one of the earliest organ appeared on the evolutionary history,  long before

the Nerval system,  primitive Brain was developped.

So, it is no wonder,  if its got a kind of controlling system to respond to the environment by its own,

and its legacy is still here in our heart.

Though,  so far I haven’t seen any following research or further discovery.  May be because of the

Belief System of  Non-Belief,  such controversial  ( against the idiosyncratic Belief )  research

was suppressed  by  cut of fundings.

Yet strange facts are,  the Chinese character  which symbolizing the Mind ” Shin “,  its shape was

originated from the pictorial depiction of a Heart organ .  And obviously, the English word ” Heart ”

is the description of an elaborated kind of  Mind, and in the same time, the name of Heart organ.

Its mean, 5000 years ago when Chinese developed their writing system and the characters, they

had the observations  ( remember they are the people who discovered the acupuncture etc without

any help of Medical Technology  we have now ) that the Mind /  Heart is in the Heart organ.

——– Even though,  the society of Non-Belief couldn’t support such research which I said above.

(If Non-Belief couldn’t be an Open-Minded, what is it for ?   They might just got a Cult of Ego,  that all)

Shame.  😦


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