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Posted in Buddhism, East and West, Enlightenment, Zen by yoshizen on February 12, 2010

On the death-bed,  Buddha ordered to the  disciples as his last teaching

“Don’t blindly follow my teachings, but  Think it Yourself “ This is nothing but the extraordinary words.

Has any leader of a religion or a philosopher ever said like this to the followers, in the whole human history ?

Yet, this is not from Buddha’s humbleness BUT this is the most crucial teaching of the Buddha which

made the Buddhism as The BUDDHISM.

By following this words, the Buddhism kept evolved  in the past 2500 years.

Instead to have fixed written Dogma,  Buddha’s words kept the followers to think themselves and

able to respond to the changing world even to the forefront of the science today.

As the Dharma and Karma is in their dynamism there is no point to fix anything, in its definition.

Buddhism is the Eyes, and the Way to see those Dynamism, and the Way to participate it.


Far more important point is, this Words is the foundation of the Buddhism to the person.

Instead to follow and complying the fixed Dogma and Rules, as the Buddhism made the followers

to think and judge themselves,  it gave the initiative and the responsibility to the individual,  therefore

left no margin of excuse to such as a matter in the moral issue.

———- You may remember the most hypocritical rules (?) somewhere,  ” Because the rules says Kill Not,

I paid somebody else to kill”  and always found the way to dodge the words of so-called god’s given  rules.

There can not be such things in the Buddhism, unless the one is too insane to think  normal.

Hypocrite may have escaped on the words, but in anyone’s subconscious, it is obvious, he is the  murderer.


With the Noble Principle,  we aspire and pursuit the Buddhism.   And as we pursuit it

our understanding deepens.   Once we reached to the point and as its became the norm, then

we notice  what should be the better.  This endless process of evolution is also the one’s pathway

toward  the Enlightenment.

The same apply to all aspects of the life.  (One has to pursuit the best way to cut lemons as well    😀 )

And this is the secret how such as the Zen culture evolved and attained such degree of refinement.


Following the Buddha’s words ” Think yourself “, even a small man on the street did pay an effort to

achieve the best. ——– This active participation of the life is The Buddhism.

And this is the answer to  ” Why Buddhism ? “


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