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12 + 1 —– JURY ?

Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, Paradox by yoshizen on February 18, 2010

Since latest research exposed a fundamental flaw in the Jury System which is only 30% of the

Jury Members understood the meaning of the Judge’s direction in the Summing-up speech, it became a

hot talking piece in the media.

One side saying ” This is an ancient long-established fundamental human light ” and others

” The facts are, now the cases are too complexed and the Law dealing with them are also too complicated

which is beyond the capability of an ordinary people on the street to understand.”


In fact, this is the epitome of the society today which is overwhelmed and dysfunctioned by the

contradicting ideas. ( Strangely, either people doesn’t understand the situation or pretending not to see it )

One side criticizing any social policy before 60th ” Such a brutal draconian measure ” but in the same time

” Ancient Tradition is important “. ( Human right didn’t exist before 60th, Political Correctness was born 90th )

Now,  the intellectually manufactured  Notion / Idea  started to show the clack.  We need to go back to

the Commonsense / the Judgement by the subconscious human sensibility.


When the origin of Jury system was started in the primitive hunter gatherer society, everything were

discussed and judged by all the members of the group.  As everybody having the life almost identical

to each other,  which hadn’t been changed hundreds of years.     Therefore there was no problem to assess

and  judge somebody’s crime by the ” Fellow Citizens ” as everybody know the situation and even the inside

psyche of the culprit.  But such social integrity / community has gone long since.

———- So, in this stone age,  do you have even slightest idea,  why the man next door listening

that old tune in his iPod,  what sort of social up-bringing or personal history behind of that music ?

We,  in this society share very little part of the life with any other people. How we can judge others ?


With desperate attempt to regain the community feeling,  some people resorted with social networking —–

though it will make the situation even worse, as each person got different Karma, try to follow them makes you

exhausted.  Don’t scratch somebody’s back while expecting to have your back scratched back.  Be contented.

Better live  with  Dharma. Your peace is inside of you.—- and in the Grate Nature )

Unless we gain at least own integrity and find the firm stance in the field of the Darma, we would be alienated

and lost in the entangled notion of  buzz word, and the mountain of  techno product.


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