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Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, Enlightenment, Paradox, Who is Yoshizen, Zen in Action by yoshizen on February 22, 2010

This is my  Life and its  Domain.

This piece of cloth was given by a monk registering the visitors in the  Eihei-Ji  Temple,  when  I  notified as

I was leaving the Temple.

While handing this, he told me, “ Think, your life is in here, and keep remember it  all of your life

This foot square ( 33 x 36 cm ) space is the space, a man occupy all through the life until the moment

when he needs a bit more to lie down to die (hopefully for a Nirvana )

——— And this cloth was meant to be used to eat on it.  (Though, when I needed to washed it some time later,

I found the color was fading —- originally it was dark brown —- I realized even this one is not permanent and

only for a spiritual teaching,  not for actual use.)    Since then, I just placed it in the kitchen where ever I moved.

So,  technically  this cloth has been shadowing and watching my life for the past 36 years, and

kept reminding  me,  who I am and the place where I can be. ( in its one foot square )


The Spoon on the cloth is shadowing me even longer than that.

I made this fork-spoon, out of ordinary table-spoon by cutting the teeth in it when I was in the first year of my

High-School.   In a tradition among the Japanese mountain climbers,  the eating utensils / spoon, fork  kind

were called ” Buki ” ( weapon )—– the essential tool to fight through the battle field of survival.

The larger the Buki,  we can eat quicker and  more.  Without energy in the stomach we can’t climb or walk.

So that I made the most versatile and efficient one for myself. ( It took whole one night  to make)

And I’m eating all the meal  nearly 50 years with this.  If I was invited someone’s dinner party, I go with this.

This spoon signify my life,  my living existence.——- Literally I’m living on it.


Pretending not eat a lot is laughable.  How anyone can survive with empty stomach.

And once the food staffs were cooked, while sacrificing the life of rice and vegetables etc,  not

waste even a single grain of rice, is imperative. ( It was the Zen family’s constitution )

So,  this is the foundation of my Life.



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  1. yoshizen said, on February 22, 2010 at 14:43

    If you found anything peculiar here, ——- is THE BUDDHISM.
    And if you thought anything ” Silly why bother so much ” ——- is exactly
    the point, what THE BUDDHISM IS.
    To bother everything down to minute details is ” How your mind is fully
    committed ” ( so-called Mindfullness )
    On the beginning, start any practice with full commitment.
    While later it become A Routine, then become A Custom, then part of
    Your Nature. ( Sublimated in the Subconsciousness and Do it in MUSHIN)
    This apply thoroughly to all aspects of your Life.
    ——- In this manner you can refine everything, thus refine all of yourself.
    When You are perfected, you have no complaint. You are in PEACE.
    This is your Enlightenment. This is THE BUDDHISM.
    ( And this is why in Buddhism The Practice is the matter, but not Thinking )

  2. […] wrote about this in my old post [Life's Domain] saying that it could be an intended teaching […]

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