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Posted in Buddhism, Fate / Providence, Order of Universe, Prediction, Zen by yoshizen on March 5, 2010

The previous post  NATURE and  NURTURE  may seem convincing in theory,  though it has fundamental flaw.

It was a typical sample of a theory made by thinking for the Sake of Theory.

It is true in principle but not necessary applicable in lots of the cases,  because the genetic trait which

makes the person’s feature,  especially like in the male’s case,  not everything is on the Y- Chromosome.

And  the work of Fox Gene,  which ” activate  this one but not that one ” is unpredictable.

( In the identical twin’s case,  even Fox Gene works identical )


I have two brothers, so, three of us should have the identical  Y- Chromosome, still all three are quite different,

except the voice.

Funny story here is,  when each boy was born, my parents did know  Who this boy is  and  Would  become.

And each of us were given each name according to each  Karma.

The eldest brother was born to be a literal academic type of person,  so that he was given his name after

an ancient  Chinese Kingdom.    Second brother was born to be a man of skill and got the name after the

12 century  Sculptor who carved many  Buddhism Devine Figures.

And I got my name, one of letter after a famous Samurai Lord and another letter from the great  Shogun,

but in Chinese pronunciation it sound like a name of a monk.


Our Paternal grandfather was a well known Calligrapher as well,  but Maternal side grandfather was a

highly skilled  Cabinet Maker.  So that it seemed, eldest brother inherited Paternal gene trait and second

brother received maternal side of trait.    And I seemed to have half and half of both trait.

Eldest brother became to an expert in foreign languages and he was a Professor in a University.

Second brother didn’t like the school,  but became a mastery of many skills and even built his three story

house everything by himself. ———– And here I am. ( as a strange mix  😀  )

It is true,   three of us became more like father when we got older,  still each other is a different type.

Yet the life or Karma is really expressed in each name. ——-  how my parents could know it, is really amazing.

In the theory of Chinese Ichin ( part of the Tao-ism ),  a person’s name is the defining factor of the fate.

So that each name creates the person’s life —— its idea is just other way round of the Buddhist Karma.

As the  Chinese spent thousand of years observation to establish the theory of  Ichin,  my mare 60 years

knowledge is too little to argue with it. ——– So,  mystery remain.

(You may feel it is a mystery though,  ” Who the person is and his (her) Karma ”   is appeared in the line

on the palm which is already on the new born baby’s hand .  My  Mother might have found from there.)

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