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Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, Emotion, Mind, Zen by yoshizen on March 15, 2010

I saw some Blogs about the control of Anger or lack of it.

Thinking about the anger,  I don’t remember when I had the opportunity to have one myself last time.

Once I learned how the life is having so many facets or multiple layers,  I became aware how it is

useless to react on the surface situation and get angry.  ( It seems, in my deep psyche I have

reprogrammed to see the cause of anger “As a repulsive object” and not want it to occupy my mind

even a fraction of a second——- it disappear instantly.     So, NO anger bothered my mind ! )

In this rotten world, the expected angry reaction was often exploited to make up a pretext.

It is the usual tactics of the provocation often used by the Police,  even by the Court.


When I proceeded an utterly fraudulent case in the High Court,  the Judgment made by the so-called

Lord Justice ( in fact it was a circuit Judge ) was utterly a fraud.  Though it was not surprise to me as I had

smelled it beforehand, so, when I heard it I grinned and made  ” I beg your pardon ”  with funny voice.

———- I knew,  if anybody exploded  with anger,  the Court can use it as a pretext to make an Order

to ban the person to appear the Court in further proceedings.  ( I took the proceedings as a Litigant

in Person / without the Lawyer —– while studying the English Law over night )

So that to get angry was not an option at all, even though I was utterly disgusted.

During the proceedings the Statutory Right was blatantly violated and the Judgment was completely

against the Expert Evidence.  It was  ” the case never heard of before in 250 years English Legal History ”

kind, so that,  when I proceeded to the Court of Appeal,  the President of the High Court ( as one of the

three Lord Justice ) needed to come out to suppress and  white wash the scandal. ( Very very Funny  😀  )

In order to block the Appeal,  High Court issued an  Order ” Order of no Order”  first ever in the history

which arrived on the day of the dead-line to lodge the Bundle of Document for the Appeal Court.

Even though it was just a piece of paper, as one Order was not incorporated in the chronologically paginated

Documents, the Bundles  became defective, and the Appeal could  be out of time.  Though as it was too

obvious tactics, I applied the extension of the time.  ( Of cause they can’t refuse it, as it is the Law )

( BBC  Joshua Rosenberg  knew this case,  Chanel-4,  all the broad sheet News Paper,  the Liberty,

Amnesty Int’,  Lord Chancellor’s  Dept’  even the then  PM  John Major did know this case, but did nothing )

The Court must be expected me to leave the country together with all the indicting documents.  But, since

it was the first ever the case in 250 years history, it is the imperative to let the world to know.  Its my duty.


I could have been perfectly entitled to explode with anger hundreds of times,  though it was a part of

the game which the other side and the Court were waiting to see ——- it’s  mean,  it was exactly the

last thing of me to do and anyhow, no time left me to indulge with unproductive emotion..

( So,  the President of the ” Honourable  Ancient  Court of  Justice”  needed to say  “It is not necessary for me

to go into the details of the Evidence” ——— of cause  he never able to go into the Evidence as it was

completely opposite.    Ha Ha Ha    😀  ) (When Appeal was lodged and the fact was known to the Judiciary,

High Court Judge Dobry was retired at once, and I haven’t heard the name of the President Stephen Brown

again—— gone to obscurity ?   Seemingly, it was the measure to sweep the scandal under carpet ).


Zen never follow Emotion,  so, no anger, but just follow the duty.   The matter here was not the passing

Emotion  but the continuous Fight which require tenacious effort and  resilient mentality. (It’s wrong to presume

the Buddhist got to be soft touch, easy Let Go people. Look, Dalai Lama, he kept vigorously fighting even now )


If anybody having the trouble to control own anger——- try,  just separate the eye point and watch

yourself as an objective object from the distance ( visualize an image or caricature of yourself )

From the distance, you may able to see the situation much wider——- the cause,  how it’s happened

and the consequence,  the effect of the anger in its issue —— and learn ” It wouldn’t change anything

but make the situation even worse “.

Soon or later,  you will get tired to see own caricature,  and loose the passion to get angry.

Anger is in fact the assertion of the Ego,  when the person encountered the gap between  the own

expectation or self-imposed rule or standard ——- in other words, the person’s authority.

Then  the person should make the question, ” Do I have such authority ?   Am I such Big and Powerful ?

Though, if the person has strong confidence, he ( she ) doesn’t need to have the assertion,  ie; it is the

sign of insecurity.  Here the Paradox of the Buddhism again.   The one who detached from the Ego

has the strongest confidence, therefore doesn’t need to get angry.   Feel strange ?

( If there is no Ego,  there will be nothing to lose. ——– Most courageous action could be taken )


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