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Posted in Belief system, Evolution of Mind, Kinetic Sculpture, Paradox, Zen by yoshizen on June 30, 2010

Life as a Zenist is not a guaranty to be trouble-free.    To do anything we may stumble trouble.

As I’m making kinetic sculpture I needed to capture  moving image, video clip ( I’ve put them into Youtube /

Kinetorori, was just  byproduct )   So, I needed to edit or convert the video signal with new program or

downloaded  program etc, by which my PC was pushed into hyper clock speed etc etc.

Then the PC started to malfunction, converting unknown video signal behind the other task —— ? ? ?

In the same time my broadband connection  ( which has been getting poorer performance ) was stopped.

I thought my PC was corrupted.  So, I tried everything,  re-loaded program or restore the program by

setting to the back dated state, etc etc ——–.

On the end I bought a new laptop with hefty cost.  😀  ( This was much more a comedy than an angry situation

—— how miserable the life in the techno society is ) ——- Then I discovered the trouble of net connection is

still there, its mean it has been caused by the broadband provider TalkTalk.  ( They looks cheap though, with

hidden charge of paper billing,  it become nothing cheaper at all )

To solve the problem,  it took two days phone calls costed me £20,  while making strange access to the

program and administrative setting myself etc ( Why they can’t do this with their set-up CD-Rom ?   Wasn’t

this what I paid for them to set-up on the beginning  ? )


I remember the words of adventure journalist  Katsuich Honda who made amazing reports in 60th, 70th from

remote corner of the earth, saying  ” People accusing us risking the accidents though, if anyone want

to have no accident,  stay in their bed.  The one who does nothing wouldn’t cause any accident “.

Yet, stay in the bed may causes bed-sore.  Do anything may invite the trouble though, this is what  the life is.

To deal with recent trouble,  I learned a lot.   To restore and recover the previous setting by going  back-dated

state and undo it ( back again to present date ),  unauthorized ( by Microsoft ) program also disappear etc.

—————- Still, on the end,  I got one more lap-top which I may use only for the image processing .

( to see and say bright side 😀  )

The beauty to be a Zenist is, we can see even ourselves with detached eyes and think

” Oh, poor Yoshizen, what a hustle you are having,  but why not try this way ?” ——-We can not be drowned

by a flush-flood but might be able to do surfing on its torrent. ——– Really ?   Ha ha ha  😀

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