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While ago I’ve stumbled an interesting blog site of a Japanese artist.

Her site  ” ciharukaido. wordpress.com ” showing not only her art

but in fact everything, from poetry to food ——-.

And when  I put a comment to an amazing sculpture

” La geometrie du coq” 2007 ( Photo left ) she replied

Sometimes your hand would tell you what you

want, rather than thinking

——– this is the remarkable words from such young artist.

Among the so-called artists, not all of them reached to the level,

able to conceive the idea in the depth of subconsciousness.

( Lots of them just manufacture it in the process of thinking ——–what is new,  what is in fashion,

how to make it looks sensational  etc, choosing, improvising  from the existing knowledges )

Yet still, some of them are able to do it almost unconsciously with their intuitive imagination, and some are

aware of the difference between the conscious and unconscious process of creation, such as Ciharu here.


Amazingly, but not surprisingly, this is the same situation of the Mushin ( Selflessness ) and

awareness of the True Self in the Buddhism.

( Incidentally, this is also the same thing to the  Wu-wei ( Mu-i in Japanese ) in the  Taoism, which

was remarkably adopted as the name of new theme in the WordPress Blog design.)

It is no doubt, in many philosophies and the religions, the matter of True Self is the main subject, yet to

some people it is not a subject to seek or debate, but naturally being there.

So, it is no wonder, the art created by this Chiharu Kaido has strange indescribable impact as if it was

a long forgotten memory or genetic vague memory of far far ancestor.  ( So, we say ” I lost word ” )

( Since it was expressed direct from her subconscious without involving linguistic notion / thinking, neither

the viewer can catch clear notion but strange impact of what she felt——eroticism out of word and the time )

This is the sample of the artistic communication between the two subconsciousness.

( If you can see and feel, this is it. ———- If not, forget it   😀 )

So, to be an artist, to be in the true self is an advantage, though whether its Self is compatible with

society is the totally different matter.  They may not aware social convention or responsibilities etc.

The artist I’ve talked about, has just disappeared without delivering the piece, even though it was

paid in advance.  (Some said, never trust artist, only give a money in exchange with the piece  😀  )

Seems it is true.



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