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Most Fatal Joke in BUDDHISM

Most fundamental and fatal joke in the Buddhism I found is,

” If the SELF is not existing, Who is the one get Enlightened or Reincarnated ?”

———- the reason why this Joke exists is,  it’s based on the misunderstanding of the SELF.

What  Buddha  meant was,  the SELF who is consciously thinking Self, in another word ” Selfish Mind “.

To clinging and obsessed by this  Mind of  Self / Thinking Self  is the cause of the trouble in the Life.

The Self in one’s subconsciousness is the True Self  which is not visible, hence it exists as not exists.

Being in this True Self is in fact, in MUSHIN (in the Mind of NO Mind, since it exists out of consciousness)

( Ironically, unless this hated figure of  Thinking  Self  start to think

” I need to be wiser, I need Buddhism”  nothing would start.

This is why the Buddhists spent past  2500 years to argue about this complication and the Paradox)

When this True Self was absorbed in the Dharma or the subject, it is the Ichijo (Oneness).

And when this True Self is fully engaged with the subject, it is the Mindfulness.

The True Self, in Ichijo with  Dharma is in fact the Enlightenment.


Pinch your cheek.   Yes, definitely you are here.   Though, the one who is reading this, how you came here ?

Was that because you Book-marked this blog or just by chance you stumbled here ?

Who made you to read this post ?   What has driven you to read this ?   Why you need to read this ?

Who you are ? ? ?

Don’t waste the time to think about those questions.  Because you can not define it, since it isn’t there as a

solid entity.  ( Since it is a constantly changing relative existence , like a reflection on the moving  water )

Yet,  this blog is on front of your eyes now.  This is not an illusion.   Read this again.  Try hundred times.

This is the task you got on front of your eyes on this moment.  Just Do It.


( Wasting time by thinking  Who You are,  wouldn’t take you anywhere.  Since, no such things in

the first place.  That’s why the repetitive task  was adopted in the Buddhism practice. )

So,  this will change you, from wondering thinking time-waster to Active Zen practitioner.

This is the very first step. ———– Read this again without any question.  And again.

( Now, You started to Re-program your Subconscious / invisible True Self )

This is The ZEN,  and What the BUDDHISM is.

The matter is to reach other side of water.  You may use modern grass boat or bamboo raft what ever,

though there is no motor engine, so you have to puddle  ——- (can be million times ).

Then you can reach there.  ( Believe me and Believe yourself,  You can do it )

( PS: Yet in case if you drifted down the torrent, don’t call me.  Because Hinayana Buddhist  would only say

” Enjoy a journey ” ——– Raft-ride  might be quite an exciting activity. ( Shouldn’t  be too bad.  😀  )

And when you survived, then later, you must be realized  ” I needed to have that rough ride, that’s why

Buddha made me to have it “.  Some people were born to have longer rough ride to reach other side )

Buddha makes no mistake.   ___/\___

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  1. born 2b me said, on July 20, 2010 at 19:20

    Hi Yoshizen, thanks for visiting my blog and commenting there. I have replied to your comment on my blog.
    I like the way you ask so many questions in this post. We are on the same wavelength.
    I am enjoying your posts and your sense of humour.

  2. yoshizen said, on July 20, 2010 at 20:08

    Thank you very much to visit here and put an encouraging comment.
    I’m very glad to bump another seeker in the wild. Both of us seemed to spent
    more or less same years wondering. Thanks goodness, what a relief. 🙂
    So, did we found same answer ? —– It might be an interesting point, though, have
    a brake have a Kitkat.
    ( So, leave the heated debate for later —— if its there at all. Ha ha ha 😀 )

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