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Help = be Helped

Posted in Buddhism, Karma, Kinetic Sculpture, Mind, Mushin, Selflessness, Zen by yoshizen on July 30, 2010

Yesterday, when I popped out, my neighbour was struggling to disassemble a kind of machine saying

he doesn’t need the mechanism but just want to use the frame as a furniture.

It was a well made German machine though having strange construction and looks almost impossible to open.

M m m,—— ? ? ?  Interesting.—  Any machine constructed by a man should be disassembled by other man

since we share more or less same brain. (So, the theory says —– yet practically not necessary true —– some

latest electronic gear is not designed to be repaired or serviced —— very thin outer shell couldn’t be opened

without clacking the plastic )   Anyhow, I offered him to help and brought my tools as I got comprehensive

professional grade tools. ——- still, it was the puzzle to find how and what order each parts were assembled.

——- On the end I’ve succeeded to open and dismantle the mechanism, leaving only outer shell.  

Holley ! It was a lots of unscrew and tapping shifting losing the each fit next by next —–

Then,  I asked him what is he going to do with the removed motor, gear train and electronic controller.

He said  Oh, just chuck it out. —— So I said, May I have it, I may able to utilize them.  Oh, yes please.


Brought back those mechanism and the electronic parts to my place —— reassembled, connecting electric

cable again and switched on ——– wieen  wieen click !  It’s works ! ( as a  power drive mechanism )

German Bosch motor with its heavy reduction gear, it seemed to produce 50 kgm power.

It’s very useful in deed.—— So, I can design much larger heavier kinetic pieces.

Just help someone, just do it, then I received such valuable gift ——- they are no longer any use to him

though  It’s a  very useful materials to me ——– So, he got the frame without heavy useless mechanism

and I got useful motor  for my yet another kinetic project —— everybody happy. 🙂

When you see anybody needs a help, just help, Just do it.

You may rewarded much more than what actually you worked.  Though, don’t expect such things. Just do it.

( Any calculation, greedy thinking spoil the good deed.  To make somebody happy brings your happiness

It’s mean, work first.  Not the words or thinking.  Just do it in Mushin, is the matter )

So, Don’t comeback to me complaining if you were not rewarded —— It’s a Karma of the greedy mind )

___/\___ 🙂

PS : Only a drawback of this Help in Mushin is, some time it was misconstrued by the people —–

especially by the woman.  As they couldn’t think the life’s events separated from the male-female relation,

” Man will approach me with only one intention — want fuck me”.—- May be that is only a thing in her mind

and an art project etc was just a pretext to meet a man. 😀 —— A female artist who asked me to build a

structure for her installation, came more than one hour late and said ” I’m a demanding expensive woman ”

—– ? !— I don’t care who she is.  I’ve just interested in her idea of installation and how it can be materialized)

Or even a respectable businessman mistook it ” This man must have a weak point and desperately need my

favour.   Otherwise no need to work such hard.  It’s must be an opportunity to exploit”  He might thought, He

got upper hand, then started  to ask more and more.(since its free of charge). ——- I only helped them just

for fun or I saw them  need my skill —— yet I had no obligation or expected any  return  from them.

In such situation,  I just terminate it. (And delete the contact and never see them again.  I loose nothing.)

Regardless even the project was only half done and the plan collapses. —— It’s their choice and the fate.

Since Zen preclude any emotion and have no attachment, some action may seemed  harsh and sudden.

But this is what the Zen is.   ( Zen react instant.  And Zen only has 100% otherwise  0%  Nil )

—-And what the ( Mind of No-Mind / Selflessness ) means.


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