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Go GREEN ( Do you ? )

Posted in Awareness, Intelligence, Karma, Mind, Order of Universe, Paradox by yoshizen on August 4, 2010

Fundamental flaw of green issue is, —— to sustain any green alternative system

we still need to maintain highly toxic, environmentally utterly unfriendly high-tech industry.

Even a most promising fuel cell electric generating system, to give a precise control of flow of the gasses,

it’s need to have sophisticated sensor using radio-active element and computer controled machine.

Any electronic system needs to have the components using  rare-metal, such as tantalum  for a small

capacitor of which the metal ore  was dug up while depleting the rain forest of  Congo etc ——–

Or ever ubiquitous lithium  battery —— how many people knows how it is toxic, dangerous material.

Manufacturer of the LED light shouting their product is mercury free ( against Fluorescent light ) so that

it is safer and Eco-friendly though they never mention  it using even more toxic arsenic.

Just design and manufacture a wind blade, what sort and size of industry and the technology we need ?

To wear greenish cotton,—— to grow and harvest the cotton how much chemical was spread ?

And behind of its chemical what size of industry is operating ?

Just maintain and replacing the worn out components, we still need the whole industry.

——– We just pick up the nice words / Buzz-word  to pretend to be a conscientious person though,

in most of the case it is nothing but the superficial window dressing and the Delusion ” I’m doing good “

( I rather like to be a bady than a self-deceived hypocrite,  and gaze the world going down  gutter,

standing on front of the situation.   We can’t keep ourself immune to the diseases of this society )

We are just postponing  to face the catastrophe  ( while making the situation even worse ) since

the fundamental issue is too fundamental and politically too sensitive.

No body want to touch critical matter.  Only nice words sells. ——– In such situation, this must

be the Buddhist’s duty,  in stead of jump onto band-wagon,  we need to see through the

Karma of the society with our clear eyes,  which we are trained for.  And we have to shout.

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