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Yet another 8150

Posted in 8150 Story, Belief system, Dharma, Empowerment, Fate / Providence, Order of Universe, Selflessness by yoshizen on September 16, 2010

Among the regulars of the Dorkbot gatherings, there is a creative programmer Jagannathan,

who has presented semi autonomous, self interactive moving pattern of enigmatic images before.

On the Dorkboat, he performed an electronic music composed on the spot, jammed with Alex Mclean.

On the boat journey, we talked about our resent activities, since our idea to put his organic program

to combine with my strange kinetic design hasn’t been materialized yet.

I told him about my Youtube images with its key word Kinetorori.  To google Kinetorori, it led to both

Yoshizen blog and my Youtube channel.

Along side the Youtube video clip / Cupidon and the blog Kinetorori,  inevitably he stumbled upon

8150 story.  Which lead him to read a post ” Is Dharma directing us ?”

In that post I was asking the reader to check their Number.  So, he checked his Bank a/c number ——

Bang ! —— He discovered,  his Bank a/c number having this fatal 8150. ——- Please read

the comments on the post. ” Is Dharma communicating us ?” (To search, type in the box and click )

Later he said on the Email, Shocked and amazed by this.  And as he said on his comment, he is

having this only a Bank a/c number since he arrived here 10 years ago. —— does it mean,

the Dharma did know  from the beginning,  we are going to meet —- or the person who got this

number are destined to meet together?

Jagannathan is not a Buddhist but he believes Brahmanism.     Still, what so ever human make up the

name the ultimate power over there is the same entity.    All of us are under the rule of this power.

And, in deed we were watched by it.

I gave a thought for Jagannathan’s life —– then I realized a crucial point that is (as he described

in his email)  after he experienced the trouble of his program  Pirated, he decided to publish them

as open source  ” Instead to spend the time to encrypt them, better spend the time to create

something new,  which gives  more freedom” ——- abandon  the ego and greed and

give-away his creation, brought him more freedom and strangely more wealth and stayed in health.

—— this is the very paradox in the Buddhism which I described many times.

So that, the greed-free honest attitude in the life is the key factor, as his life style is far from ascetic —–

having a wife, likes cider and he confessed, its hard to stick with  Right-hand Zen. 😀 —– Still,

Selfless, Ego-less free mind may made him spiritually stand out.

Programing is a laborious work for perfection  ( if not perfect, it doesn’t work at all  🙂 )  and

even for open source free program, if it is not creative and useful enough, nobody give a sit.

And now he started to wonder —— is this, because of him being protected by the Dharma too ?

( Fascinating isn’t it —— or is it Spooky ?   🙂  )


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  1. jagannathan said, on September 17, 2010 at 22:33


    As I was diving into your original 8150 post, I knew my bank account number had that combination – it was an unspeakable / unwritable funny moment. Now I keep looking for 8150 in my life but sadly other than my bank account number its nowhere to be found! Maybe the Dharma is protecting only my bank account. Not a bad choice I would say 😉 But I’m wondering does 8150 have a crucial significance just for you and people that you reach out to cos you seem to find it in many places? Hmm mysterious…

    I want to thank you for your very generous praise – my napping ego has now woken up!! But anybody that writes free software (software that can be freely modified to suit own purpose and freely redistributed) is in fact worthy of this praise and the amount of important free software available shows that the need to do something good – the Dharma? – is present in all human beings.

    My way of programming is waiting, listening, observing, reading ….then the idea comes out of the blue. Then I implement it cos nobody else would implement my crazy idea 😉 Yes I said ‘my’ but I also realise I’m a medium for the idea…

    Coming back to the importance of free software – my latest project (going on for 4 years now) is a free software musical instrument called din (short name for digital instrument, http://code.google.com/p/din) – I used this to jam with Alex on Dorkboat.

    As you know musical instruments evolve over many lifetimes with many countless tinkerers and some genius tinkerers! eg., violin development.

    For a software instrument to evolve it is therefore crucial to have the source program otherwise there is no chance of improving it, taking it in new directions etc. You cant do this with a .EXE file and some .DLLs .

    The other beauty of releasing the source code is it survives beyond the lifetime of the original author. If it is well crafted like the beautiful Netsuke it is fondly remembered. It is also like a tree. Maybe I put the seed, maybe I saw some of its growth even enjoyed its first fruits but generations beyond me will enjoy it too.

    It is also interesting to me as a crazy gardener that people react very sadly to a fallen tree, cutting a tree etc. I think the Dharma protects trees…protects selfless work so yeah I hope my luck continues ;-D

    Back to 8150 searching….
    BREAKING NEWS: My Mrs credit card has got it!


    • yoshizen said, on September 18, 2010 at 00:03

      Thank you Jagan.
      Your word sound like a well practiced Buddhist. The best sample of Zen in Action.
      It seems, the primary target of 8150 might be me, as its Japanese pronunciation /
      Haigorei is of cause for Japanese. You might have another combination of numbers
      or some kind of pattern communicable to you. Generally Dharma doesn’t communicate
      to human being but it seems, some time or to someone making exception.
      The apearance of 8150 indicates the area of protection / in Japanese Tantric Term
      [ Kekkai ] ( sacred area where Devil couldn’t get in ).
      But there is a catch, keep stay inside has to comply the rules even more and
      anybody expelled / excommunicated would receive pretty heavy punishment.
      And this [ Kekkai ] seemed to apply not just the one having 8150 but the people
      around me. Even the Night Clubs —— when I was a regular, their business flourished,
      but when I stopped to go, within six months they were all bankrupted. In the case of
      club Fridge in Brixton, I intentionally tested the theory ( telling the staffs what would happen)
      Every body laughed at me though after I’ve stopped to go, every Friday night started to be
      rainy and the customer dwindled, then the organizer Escape from Samsara gave up,
      and the management of Fridge itself changed hand. Then they realized, it was true.
      So, be careful with both of your account —— its not a blank cheque, and it could be
      a warning shots —— be even more prudent to stay in balance. 😀
      ___/\___ Yoshizen

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