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One of my bad habit is to make a collection —– in fact, too many kind of objects, from the stones

I picked up on the top of mountain to ordinary post stamp, small sticker on the fruits, one day it-might-be-

useful kind of all sorts of motor etc.  And I stick those stickers on my PC, Cameras etc etc.  Sigh !   😀

So that, when I made pilgrimage of the Pipe Organ while traveling all over the Europe ——

On top of the necessary tourist information and the town map, I’ve collected the information about

the history of the church and their pipe organ —— all together more than 30 Kg.  😀


This habit started with a collection of the insects and the plants specimen. ( If you do a lots, naturally

the skill to handle it become sophisticated. —— I received prize, many of it )

When I was a photographer, I had somewhat 50 SLR, not necessary I bought, many of them were given

by the manufacturers, as I was doing camera critics as well. —— And I have about 50 antique cameras.

(To repair those cameras and make them work —— I’ve learned the skill and the knowledges inside of it)


So, when I got inter net connection and discovered Net photo-site,  I realized it is a good collection of faces

——- literally millions of it.  I found a face somewhat resembles a friend in my school time —– saved it,

then another one, and so on.

Then I started to accumulate the faces which give me a tick, somewhat pretty but not necessary beautiful

—— and started to think why ?

Looks very similar but why this one give this impression but why this one doesn’t ?

And end up, now having 30,000 photos.  ( As a by-product, they are good references of body shape for

making sculpture.  Though, when I made Buddha Figure there was no such reference photos, hence

his lung cage has wrong bone structure —– never mind it is not an anatomical model.  🙂  )


Some of those female models showing identical faces in any photos, even keeping exactly the same angle.

And some others are showing very vivid different expressions in each photos.

We know,  we can guess the character of the person from the face —— and even from the photos.

We only have to be careful not to speak out those observation and judgement because of the so-called PC.

Yet our preference and the attitude toward the individual is judged by the person’s face and facial

expressions / mannerism / subtle difference in the body languages, since we know it in our subconscious.

And some of the people even shows so-called aura. (No explanation.—– I only know it exist as I had seen it )

—— Whether it is politically correct or not,  I can judge ” I like this photo, and save it.  Oh, no I don’t want ”

I have no obligation to spare my  PC’s  memory for unwanted photo. —— There can not be a Buddhist’s

generosity here. Ha ha ha  😀      ( Yet I have an album of skinny bodies collection, even though I hate skinny

body but only for a purpose to see the bone structure in live posture, not by the generosity.   🙂  )


Anyhow I just gave a thought on the assumption of, the expression on the photos reflect the

daily behaviour of the person —— as those models may one day marry to somebody and live together,

then  how it would be the relation and the life there ? ? ?

Of cause,  even the person who showed identical faces in all the photos  has another face hidden behind.

Though, it is about her attitude —— to show only the face she believes her best and able to keep it,

this determination and the stiff will. —— How do you think if this is your wife ?    As she might be a person

of principle, and able to stick to what she want, hence predictable and may be reliable, but is she stable ?

Old wisdom / Common sense says, hard stick breaks.  (When its happens, spectacularly )

In comparison, the person showing wide varieties of expressions —— obviously this person has very

live perception and quick response.  Surely,  she is a kind of person we call  Lively Character.

So, naturally we guess, even in the married life, it would be lively and joyful,—— but can she reliable ?

She may not necessary very thoughtful and may not be very intelligent, so, it needs to be the husband’s task

to pay attention.  Still happy fun-full life may compensate occasional mishap or even a havoc.  😀

—— When I was asked, I’ve been giving the same advise to young man, how to look for the best woman,

” Good lively smile is good, but more importantly, look at the face when a woman expressed her disgust

—— if that face is still acceptable, go for it. Since, in the life, not every day is the happy day, time to

time ugly situation would occur,  and in such critical situation, the ugliness of the face,  which you have

to face, of which  woman can not control,  would make it even worse,  so its better avoid” 

(We can make up smily face but can not control the expression of  disgust )

In any case, go for a type “Girls next door” would be the safe bet.

Better nothing extreme, include the tattoo.  Ha ha ha.  😀

Strangely,  what type of woman you chose is genetically programmed in our subconscious.

And often it is similar to your Father’s taste.  Since, its gene is on the Y-chromosome which

is identical to your Father, as Y-chromosome only comes from the Father.


You may remember your first love in your school time, suddenly you started to like somebody who all

your friends said  ” Why such funny girl ” —— she was the type you were programmed to choose.

As human being was originally programmed to get marry 15 years old ( This is why in all the culture,

boy’s initiation is about 15 ) the girl you loved on that time was in fact, you were supposed to get marry.

Because it was genetically programmed choice, that love was almost chemical, nobody else understood

why this girl —– still, it was to say Dharma’s choice.   So, the boy couldn’t see her objectively.

It was the unconditional true love (in Buddhist’s term, this is the Fully Minded Love and in Mushin —–

Mind of No Mind = without Thinking process ) hence regardless whether she was a funny girl, it was the

true love. —– to see a girl in objective eyes and consider the other’s eyes or to compare to Pop Idles etc

comes much later —– as the boy learns how to override the subconscious judgement / Dharma’s choice.

Unfortunately we human being had to adapt and bend this natural choice for a sake of artificially

created social system. —– And we grown up were heavily influenced by the false environment of

mass-media and so-called Thinking / social consideration etc etc.

We lost the eyes to see the truth, and lost the ear to listen the voice of the Dharma in our subconscious.

So that, to rediscover where your original taste / choice was, can be the first step to

see who your true self are. ——- (Provided you don’t waste too much time watching boobs  😀  )

So, it was interesting to see from those thousands of faces, after half century,

my own taste haven’t changed a bit.



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