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The inherent shortcoming of this blog site is, as it having reverse order, the earliest, hence most

crucial posts are situated in the bottom.

Who is the author, what is his stance, what is the point unique to this BLOG are all buried  long long

scrolled down bottom.  Even worse, now the posts became too many —— and some are not necessary

very relevant to the point. ( I’m well aware.  Yet, they are fun to read jokes. 🙂  )

Originally this site should have had ” ABOUT ” though, may be with my mis-click, it has disappeared.

Hence, often I got the same question, and needed to explain  What is my point again and again.

So, this is the summary of the POINT of this BLOG. (Yet it became rather long —— so, to a busy

person, just hop bold paragraphs to grasp summary of summary)

I’m not talking DOGMA. I only talk the observed FACTS of which the Buddha’s teachings

based on it.  As Buddha ordered ” Don’t believe. Think yourself ” Buddhism is not about what

you believe but the fact you found and came to your own conclusion.

If there wasn’t the fact,  Buddha wouldn’t have taught.  That’s why he kept silence where he

couldn’t find the facts. —— So, I follow him in the same way.


ZEN Buddhism is a peculiar teaching, probably the most strange teaching in the human history.

It doesn’t teach Dogma or knowledges but only vague direction and resulting outcome would be.

At least, the outcome is impressive and they are not a tricked belief, just the factual results.

It is the teachings to make a person actually able to do.—— Yet still, no explanation of how, why.

A person has to try and do it again and again. —— (The secret is hidden in this process itself)

This BLOG is the attempt to find out its HOW and WHY by the own experiment, and its findings.

Hence, this BLOG can be cited as a DIY ZEN BLOG.


In my view, the Buddhism especially the Zen teachings are the way to re-program the human

subconsciousness. The all the creatures live and behave according to their behavioral pattern or

tendency which were programmed in their brain.

Though, in the case of human, we have the consciousness and self-awareness which over-ride

the basic subconscious such as so-called instincts.

Subconscious is not just the genetically inherited instincts, far from it, most of them are the

burnt into pattern which we learned and accumulated from the early experiences.

The basis of those experiences may not from the experience which we experienced or observed

consciously. ——- burst amount of our experiences and the knowledges were imprinted even

without our conscious. Yet still, the experience is one’s hard evidence / and reliable knowledge base.

So that, to live and behave according to those knowledge base,  would be the safest choice.

As it was actually happened on front of him, and repeated again, it could happen yet again.

Therefore, it would be the Truth or most likely and pragmatically most viable answer.

( So, our brain burn this Data into a permanent memory and create a link to react automatically)

We are thinking, deciding and acting unconsciously —– conscious verification follows afterward.

As the one’s knowledge-base is the reflection of one’s grown-up and its environment, hence it is

unique to the person and form the so-called one’s second-nature —– and this second-nature

is the core of the deep hidden SELF.

The self what the one is imagining is not  this SELF but the self what the one wished to have, since

the one’s second nature (and of cause the First Nature too  🙂  ) is in one’s subconsciousness and

in the unconsciousness —— they are invisible or unnoticeable —– therefore hard to configure,

then, the conveniently made up self is filling the gap for one’s own explanation or for a pretext.


Buddhism is not necessary attempting to define this SELF but to define at least the imagined

self is the false imagination / delusion, hence it is the subject to remove from one’s mind, saying

” No such things (self) is there “. —– yet to advising the one to become aware that

the SELF which is a part of the Dharma, is there since when the one was born. Therefore,

all about the Buddhism is to remove this self and attain the MUSHIN (the Mind of No-Mind /

No-self ) and  become aware of the SELF / a part of the Dharma, by the repeating practice.

( Since, to burn the Knowledge / Pattern / Data Memory  into one’s subconsciousness, needs to

have either almost traumatic experience or repeating the same experience or the thought ( Teaching ),

then it become a long-term memory and a part of one’s subconsciousness ).

Once the one’s subconscious was reprogrammed / reconditioned, and the biasing wishful thinking,

egoistic desire which has been nested in the so-called self  were removed, ( ideally ) there wouldn’t be

any delusion or egoistic view, hence acquiring clear eyes and able to see the prevailing Dharma

which is inherently having harmony with all the existences.

( Since, the existences itself is the Dharma ).


Living with or accordance with the Dharma, one’s life become harmonized with all the existences

and its flow of the occurrences (which is constantly changing, reflecting the dynamics of the Karma),

one’s life wouldn’t go against or aggravating the Karma, —– as the result, one’s life become smooth

and peaceful.  And it would lead to the peaceful Nirvana.


Though, as it would be easily observed by anybody’s eyes, The Dharma is not operating  for

the convenience of the human alone. It is the rules of the Universe.

Often, the convenience of somebody is the inconvenience to other’s.  Tiger need to kill a deer to feed her cab.

Her success is a misfortune of the deer.  It would be no use to have sentimental emotion.  If it comes, it comes.

Same apply to our human life, to have silly desire is our nature, which was designed by the Dharma too.

Therefore the occurrence of silly Karma is also the nature of the Dharma. —— on the surface,

it may seems silly or unjust, though as the one was placed here to fill the role, by the Dharma,

in long-term, its appearance of the Dharma is the sign of one’s direction.

Therefore, to fight against the Dharma is the silliest things as we can’t see the full extent of

the implication of the Dharma, but better follow the direction and to fill the role what the one

was assigned to do.  Therefore, What left in our hand is, to do the task as best as we can. ——

Hence, on the end, as the result, we live of the life to its optimum and  its maximum potential.

( Does anybody want more ?  Or want to complain ——- saying too much ?   Oh, get lost  😀 )

( By the way, this “maximum potential” doesn’t include money, fame or power.  If anyone seek it, you

came to wrong place.  You got to go to Mammon, not Buddha.   😀  )


So, the above is my explanation of How the teachings of the Buddhism works.

And,  the Posts in this BLOG are my each experiences and findings, How Zen works and in deed

worked, and the resulting effects, what is the out come / how I am living.

—— I’ve made a link of  this Post connecting to a Category,  001-ABOUT the BLOG.

So that if anybody need to come back here or directing others, just click a category  please  🙂



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  1. Druid Dharma said, on December 26, 2010 at 19:46

    This line of yours sums it all up great for me as it reflects on my own experiences.

    “In my view, the Buddhism especially the Zen teachings are the way to re-program the human subconsciousness.”

    Many Thanks

  2. yoshizen said, on December 26, 2010 at 20:11

    I’m grad to hear the words from who understand what I meant.
    Most of the dogma infested so-called Buddhists shaw the allergic reaction to the
    word “reprogram” —— still, people whom able to see and think by themselves
    knew, and experienced gradual change of their mind / subconscious, which is
    what the Buddha’s teachings has aimed, and the very pathway to the enlightenment.
    Well said.

  3. Druid Dharma said, on December 26, 2010 at 21:07

    Aw those jaw dropping moments when you get a glimpse in your minds rearview mirror that yes your internal chatter has changed.

  4. yoshizen said, on December 26, 2010 at 21:28

    —- has changed ?
    Does it mean still something there ? —– I’m not sure.

    • Druid Dharma said, on December 26, 2010 at 21:33

      Hum interesting point!

      I was trying to convey the subtle but at times profound changes that appear to sneak up on us. For myself was going from avoiding pain to embracing it as a old friend.

  5. yoshizen said, on December 26, 2010 at 21:51

    Pain is like a pain on the neck though, if you caused it yourself, its a Karma.
    Or you might be born with it. Its mean its a part of yourself. Like I’m not a tall man.
    Its mean, who I am = Yoshizen is a short man. Thats all.
    I lived with my toothache ( because I don’t take any medication or dentist’s )
    on the end virtually nothing left there 😀
    But it is just a course of the nature. Progress of the age.

  6. Druid Dharma said, on December 26, 2010 at 21:56

    My simple truth with pain is its how I chose to learn and find my true self 😉

  7. yoshizen said, on December 26, 2010 at 22:05

    Its a funny paradox, as long as you seek it, you can’t find.
    Please click and see “Paradox”.
    If you got leg, you can’t run 😀

  8. Druid Dharma said, on December 26, 2010 at 22:15

    Yes my elusive teacher and friend “Pain” and here is a poem I wrote to her last May:

    Pain is a powerful teacher and motivator.

    Pain has taught me compassion for others and towards myself.

    Pain has given me focus and a renewed passion for life.

    Pain has made me into a far better man than I would be without its constant companionship.

    BKB 10 May 2010

  9. yoshizen said, on December 26, 2010 at 22:37

    Is your pain, generally called heartache isn’t it ?
    Ha ha ha .
    Don’t worry it wouldn’t kill you.

    • Druid Dharma said, on December 26, 2010 at 23:03

      OK ROFL actually heart failure combined with neuralgia & few other odds and ends.

      Dancing with pain and death does help get your priorities straight.

  10. yoshizen said, on December 27, 2010 at 00:35

    Oh dear, its a bit heavier than toothache.
    Strangely other than that I don’t get ill, hence I still don’t have GP —– some say
    I’m protected by the Dharma or just the life style is good —– no drag or alcohol,
    no worry of relation, almost holy man but eat anything and dancing in Jungle or
    German Base speed despite of over pension age 😀
    Key might be the state of subconsciousness. I have an absolute confidence of
    my existence —– so I never thought about such as insurance etc —— if it comes
    it comes —– it is not me to worrying about. (body resistance would be affected
    by psychological instability / stress)

    • Druid Dharma said, on December 27, 2010 at 02:21

      Oh for me a very effective way of learning impermanence 😉

      • yoshizen said, on December 27, 2010 at 05:29

        Thats right, when its comes its comes. Do one thing on front.

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