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A Dirt for Health ? ? ?

Posted in Awareness, Ethos, Mind, Order of Universe, Spirituality, Subconsciousness, Zen by yoshizen on December 16, 2010

A woman who is an ex-direct action activist and having quite open-minded thinking said to me,

” A scientist said, the reason why the kids these days are so allergic to everything,  is because the sterile

city environment,  and on top of it,  the attitude of the mothers became dirt-phobia,  hence the kids life

became hygienically too clean and depriving the opportunity of them to build up the resistance and

immunity against the germs and toxic substances.”  ” So that our family is drinking a tea with a pinch

of dirt in the pot” —— m m m.

” I think, in certain extent, it is true, but I don’t think you are right ”  ” Along side, did you teach them

to wash their hand and washing them in the bath ? “

” Yes of cause ”

” The teaching and the message of washing the hand having two meanings, one is in hygienic implication

and the other is the spiritual teaching to observe the one’s cleanness in the life.  If the kids sees you to put

dirt in the drink,  the consistency of the message is completely break down. For a teaching become

sublimated and became a part of one’s spirituality,  its need to have absolute consistency. ——do you

know, a dog-poo on the street, where does it goes and disappearing ?

It dried up and ground by the shoes, blown away by the wind.  So, the air we are breeding  having the

powdered dust of the dog-poo as well.  Without noticing, we are taking enough dirt into the body.

So that, there is no point intentionally put a dirt into a tea,  it wouldn’t do any good but spiritually it is

the dreadful act.  In worst case, your kids may get wrong message and think ” I am safe to do dirty act,

as I got immunity or strong enough to defy even STD ” —– It’s an awful situation ”

” Oh, you are very opinionated person ”

” Bloody hell, it is not an opinion.  This is the common sense ”

——- oh, dear  🙂


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