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Walking ZEN

Under financial strain and adding to it, the heavy freezing weather —— it could be the shortage, price up

—– so, I found some items in the shop are already sold out —– etc.  And only few days left to the Xmas,

the mind of the people walking on the street are a bit tense. —– isn’t this a symptom in your mind too ?

Are you bumping to others or nearly so while walking on the busy street ?

Then think and reflect a bit —– ? ? ?

I know, you have or feel some pressure in your mind or in your subconsciousness, —– a tension

of ” Have to do, and I’m in hurry ” list of tasks to your job or to your family, kids etc.

Though, when you have a task in your hand, but for walking, do you think, to have such tension,

would it help you to walk any quicker ? —— I don’t think so.

Far from it, as your mind is stack and lost the flow, flow of mind, flow of smooth movement, you tend

to bump or come too close to other people,  while feeling “Who the devil,can’t you see the others”.

———- The remedies is in your mind.

Just rise your eyes and see  5m away. —–See all the people walking toward you just as

the moving objects, not take notice of each individual.

In this view,  you can see the direction where moving objects flow,  which one is coming

toward you and which one is swaying ——- then you can see where the gap would be.

So, you can freely sway and able to navigate and able to walk much quicker.

( Though, if you are believing, it is the other’s fault not to open the way for you —–>  forget this blog

and buy  Body-armour  😉  )


Our  Peripheral Vision can sense the object’s movement very well.  And when one’s vision was spread

wide,  having no center weighted attention,  it can see the flow of movement all over the visual field.

This diffused vision without having any concentrated mind / attention is nothing but the

Eyes of Mushin / Mind of No-Mind  in the Zen Buddhism.

Without any projected attention / absolute passiveness / open-minded,  we can see which person is

going to right or left, hence we can see where the gap of flow would be, and the best direction to walk,

ahead of moment = able to fore-see = predict what would be, so that we can minimise the trouble and

maximise the smoothness and the speed of walking.

———- I know, most of you know this already.  Yet still in a daily life we are entwined with silly mind

and eyes would be caught by big boobs etc, and too many congested thoughts obstructing and blinding

our eyes or making us short-eye-sighted —— then bump to others.

That’s why, ” Get rid of the thoughts and open your eyes wide ” —–

You see, this is the Zen teachings and it is just there on the street.  Zen is, in fact easy and simple practice.

The matter is only you, just open your eyes.

—– So,  I hope you able to walk smooth and able to do all the shopping quick in optimum efficiency

for the coming festive season. 🙂  ( Though, I’m already a bit tired for too many parties —– parties for

a person who doesn’t drink is not very much a fun, unless the music is German-Base or Jungle   😀 )




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  1. joseph said, on January 6, 2011 at 09:35

    i like it

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