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Healing POWER

There is a widely believed healing effect to stay in the nature, especially wooded forest.

And, I just picked up interesting news about another way to get Healing —– 🙂

An American Holly Wood actress, Helena Bonham Carter said that she found, to cleaning her kitchen

having good healing power, hence she stopped to go healing session as cleaning has even better effect.

On this news program, two psychologists gave their responses.

One was very negative, saying don’t believe, cleaning the kitchen is nothing but a chore.

And the other was much more positive and said, to have nice clean kitchen is a pleasure and it can be a

good exercise too.


Very interesting, —– because, provably the purpose of this blog is all condensed in here.

In the Buddhism, related story is in Churi Pantac ( in Japanese Shuri Bantok ) the one who was

directed by Buddha to sweep the ground of Deer Park, and his Enlightenment 10 years later.

On the beginning, he might not like to sweep the garden while other disciples are in the session to

listen the Buddha’s teachings. ( He had learning difficulty )

So, he might have started his work as a hated chore with frustration and a resentment though.

Five years later, he might be even tired to think about his complaint and became humble.

Nine years later, he might have become expert to sweep the garden and even able to do all the

task while eyes closed, as all the works became almost automatic.

Then, ten years later, he became aware, he is the man to make the garden spotlessly clean,

where the greatest Teacher, Buddha to walk.

What is the honor and the pleasure !

With this deep satisfaction and the dedication to the Buddha, what else of the

Nirvana will be awarded to him ?   And Buddha knew him reached the enlightenment.


A question to you.  Why you are here in this world, and happen reading this ?

Did you expect to find smart short-cut to get enlightenment here ?

Do you think you can live while picking a cherry avoiding anything else ?

Still, you must know there are lots of burdens in the life, troubles, pains—– and is this

the reason why you want to pick a cherry as much as possible for your pleasure ?

—— Does it mean, you are having two lives, one is in pain and the other with pleasure ?

And is this alienation, double faced life is the reality of the life, you think ?

You are totally wrong.  Where is your true self and the totality ?

For some, cooking is a pleasure and for most of them eating is pleasure, but never the cleaning.

Though, other than few millionaire, doing shopping, cooking, eating, then cleaning is the part of the life.

As long as the one is thinking to pick a cherry, the one can not get the totality / wholeness of the life,

not mention piece or happiness.  In fact such life is one part entangled  by the vicious Karma and

other part is drowned in the hunger of the desire to have pleasure.

This is why the woman (in this case, its happen to be an actress Helen ) found to regain the totality of

the life —— makes her feel healing.

It is the same kitchen, the same cups, same dishes, same washing basin —— do the same every time

every day is exactly the practice of the Buddhism.  Soon, the one can learn the way to be in Mushin,

and the kitchen get clean, ready for next comfortable cooking. —— what anyone want more pleasure.

Who can  expect a peace-full happy life living in a dirty chaos, let alone to reach enlightenment.

Because of the deep psychological / spiritual meaning behind, the superficial description “cleaning”

may give wrong impression, the core matter is all those processes in the mind or in the brain.

To start with cleaning, she gain the state of the mind, Mushin, and gain the understanding of

the totality of her life and her state of existence —– she is fulfilling the given roll to be Helen,

and becoming a part of the Dharma.

To be in this pathway, hence she can feel be in the right way, What more of healing the one needs.

And to follow Buddha’s pathway what more confidence and the pleasure there.

I guess, this actress may have some Buddhist’s guidance in her previous healing session, hence

it was not difficult for her to find the way —– Which, I may say ” Cleaning Zen ”  🙂

—– So, you may see, to have clean kitchen, a pleasure to have clean life and the comfortable cooking

is not just a chore,—— far from it, it can be a good pathway to the enlightenment. This is true.

You can start the same in New Year. ( Begin with clean-up New Year’s eve party’s mess  😀  )


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  1. Katy Gilmore said, on January 1, 2011 at 23:21

    Hi Yoshizen – I am inspired to go and give the kitchen a “deeper clean” before the sun sets in a few minutes. I enjoyed this post. Happy New Year to you! Katy

    • yoshizen said, on January 1, 2011 at 23:53

      Good girl good girl Katy.
      I’m grad to hear you agree with this.
      I guess, your kitchen is clean enough already, so the deep cleaning may not a
      routine, still do the task with confidence to be yourself, as a part of your life,
      is pretty close to your enlightenment.
      And it is a good determination to have in the New Year’s day —— this must make
      a fruitful happy year for you.
      Hope to see your new post when you got re-charged. 🙂

  2. johnny said, on January 8, 2011 at 01:09


  3. kyle said, on January 17, 2011 at 00:42

    how do i join

    • yoshizen said, on January 17, 2011 at 01:25

      Good first step.
      Among the posts, categorized in ” Zen in action ” there are some practical To Do
      in your dairy life. —— may be ” Walking Zen ” is the best sample to start.
      Try this and start to watch your inner-self, but not in a way to analyze, just have
      an awareness of you are here, and feel the spread view of open mind.
      —–Time to time, you may forget this and suddenly realize you are dropping your eyes
      and only seeing a pavement stone ——- your mind is not open, as you got something
      bothering you. Just come back, rise your eyes and the mind.
      Gradually your way of looking ahead become your custom.
      You are on the way.
      You may put a comment to report your progress or question, and I’ll give you further advice.
      —– Mean time, read ” Lemon Zen ” and make a cup of Lemon Tea. 🙂

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