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PAIN ? — How about SMELL ?

When I wrote about the PAIN, many of you might thought, it’s gone too far and hard to believe.

Yet, as a matter of fact, you are experiencing same kind of phenomena in your life everyday.

For instance, the smell.  Your bad (or no) smell of your mouth or body odor. —— It might be almost non

or awful, though  you don’t know or you can’t tell.

If the stimuli of smell is not there we can’t feel the smell, of cause.  But if it is persistently there, the threshold

of the sense become high, and we become desensitized to its smell.  This is the reason why you can’t

judge your own smell.  (Bad breathed person still able to smell other’s bad breath —– it’s not own smell  😀 )

But there is a completely opposite situation.  Once you become conscious about your own smell,

regardless it’s there or not, you become paranoid and become obsessed to use body splay etc etc.

The manufacturer of deodorant or such kind, try to make you think, you are a smelly person — and once you

were trapped, there is no escape. You start to think, others are pretending not feel the smell, in order not

to offend you.  You are completely possessed by the delusion. And  becoming  to over sensitive to any

minute smell.   (Though, there are many really smelly person who doesn’t care at all also exists  😀 )

A similar situation is in the noise.  Someone is almost immune to the high level of noise but others are often

too sensitive —– couldn’t sleep because of the noise of ” Electronic Watch ” ( How can you hear ? )

Fishmongers never complained, fish smell fishy or car manufacturer never complained it is noisy, because

they got used of it (desensitized ), or contemplated and accepted,  as it is a part of their own life.

If there is a possibility of compensation,  to become conscious and too sensitive then become sleepless

and fallen ill, could be a choice. (People live by the sea never complained  its endless wave noise, because

there is no point and no gain to do so ).  Or other choice is completely ignore and just get used it, and

carry on the life —– is depend on the mind-set.

So, one’s Ego, Greed, Obsession or Paranoid —– or in opposite, Contemplation, could make completely

different perception, hence, even a different view toward the life.

This is the reason why the Buddhism is here. ( for you to get correct mind-set )



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