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There are some nice exchange of Emails  with one of my friend , keen reader of this Blog,

Jagannathern-ji, who happen to have the birthday showing 8150 number and in his bank account etc, even

a serial number of a camera he bought for his mother as a present. ( In fact, he was horrified of its tenacity )

Hi  Jaga-ji
Thanks to put comment.
Have a nice journey and nice holiday.
___/\___ Yoshizen


I am now in India.
Flight was beautiful as full moon’s reflection on the waters…
–^– Jagan

Sound very beautiful.
Mum might cook for you too much, as it had happened in my case.
So, don’t over eat —- 😀
( You can convince her with 8150 story as you are joined
holy man, hence stay humble and eat little )  Ha ha ha  😀
___/\___ Yoshizen

PS:  I thought, you went into a life without computer. 😀

Many years ago,  When ever I went back to see my family,  my mother cooked for me always too much.

As I used to climbing the mountain, we climber got used, one day on the rock face carrying as little as

possible hence eat just small amount of high-calorie food, then after came back eat two day’s portion.

Therefore I can eat really a lot too.  Though, stay in Tokyo just meeting friends, photo job clients etc needn’t

to eat a lot, in fact eating with them —– then come back home and eat again what my mother expected me

to eat —– was too much.

It was a mother’s love.   No one can make your mother disappointed.

( So, to fulfill its requirement, occasionally  we may need to have a big stomach.   🙂 )


Even for the mankind, genetically implanted program or so-called instinct,  a mother’s duty is to nurture

the child —– generally, when a child grown up, he takes his journey to seek his own territory and

rarely seen his mother again.

Now the life expectancy of mankind is twice, three times more than originally designed, and seeing her child

but as 30, 40 years old grown-up is the norm though, still  mother sees her child as her baby.

Since, there is no program to deal with a child but as another grown up individual.

This is a peculiar situation, unique to the mankind, hence it created quite a unique complication to the

human being. —– Retain an emotional umbilical cord and yet having an urge to take a journey

to unknown horizon seeking his independent territory.

This might be an interesting point to give a thought. —– Who are we  ? ? ?


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