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Review of the Post

One of my friend gave me a review of latest post ” Third Aspect in Buddhism “ and said,

” You did a dissection of the Buddhism,  not with a scalpel but using a machete,  cut it open and

made its body visibly spread wide.” —– M m m, was it awful ?

Not necessary,  but quite drastic, nobody had ever attempted it before kind of action.

But, as it showed the Buddhism graphically spread open,  it made the people to position

where  they are standing about, and made them to see which direction is the next step to take.

———- It must be true.  As soon as I uploaded the post,  many Links were made and the access

was just kept growing and growing,  and so far made second highest hit among my posts.

And something amazesed me was, a day  before I posted

” Burden ??? ” and  ” Third Aspect –“, when I had bought top-up

voucher for my Inter-net connection, that notorious 8150 number

appeared in its top-up code. —– Its mean, Buddha did know what

I was going to do before hand, and telling me its importance.

I’m not a vegetated peace-loving Buddhist as I had no hesitation

to use a machete to cut open the confusion in the Buddhism.

But in the same time,  I still retain the attitude to bow the mystery of

the Dharma who seemed to watching me.

This is the Aspect, Buddhism as a Religion, and I keep my faith there.



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