Yoshizen's Blog


Some days ago, I suddenly noticed something

a fluffy blob on the floor, between my foot.

Bending myself down and with close-look, I realized

its hairy tear-drop shaped blob was a Mouse.

Even with my movement he (she ?) didn’t run.

Stayed there with crouching posture, both hand

on the floor. ( well, like all the four-leg animals do naturally 🙂 ) as if he is begging me something.

I scooped him up on a cardboard paper.   Look into his tiny eyes, he gave me rather drowsy look.

I put the cardboard paper on the kitchen table and gave small piece of  tissue-paper

soaked with water and small crumble of biscuit. —– he only touched a water.

He just staid there almost motionless, and two hours later when I looked him again,

he was laying on his side —– He was dead.


Next day I took his dead body to a nearby park and buried him under a blossoming cherry tree.

—– A council flat I’m living, the building has been poisoned by the council pest-controller.

These day’s rat-poison is not like an old-day’s nasty Arsenic, but very sophisticated nerve-agent.

It interferes a mouse’s nerve system and also deteriorate his eye sight.

So, a mouse coming out to a brighter open space and die,   preventing a rotten smell coming from deep,

dark corner. —– how clever and well-designed killing system.

Since then a thought to that mouse remained me and made me wondering.

What a hell,  how on he came to me to DIE.     I’m not a funeral director or priest.

And, how he knew I would bury him under a tree —— ? ? ?

If there is such a reputation among the mice community in this area, am I going to have hundreds

of dying mice queuing here ?    Oh, no please.

When I was young, I was a notorious insect terminator, making hundreds of Insects specimen.

———- ? ? ?

Any how, I know at least that mouse got a peace under a cherry tree, away from harsh rat (?) race.

Yet still, as it happened, it happened.    It’s not my remit to guess whether there was a kind of

intervention by the Dharma —– or else ?

What so ever happened, what I can do —– is my best and I think, I paid enough respect to him.

( Don’t ask me to make a golden coffin to him )

—– One day,  if I were attacked by a swarm of grudged insects in the Hell, an army of mice

suddenly appeared and fight off the insects. —– How sweet children’s tale isn’t it ! 😀


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