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A PHOTO. —– is it ?

Looks like a reflection —– isn’t it ?

If it was the case,  what is the original object ? —– I don’t care. 🙂

Somewhat definable is a water-plant isn’t it ?

Is it ?

It’s a corner of this world  just round a corner, nothing there.   Sir.

Is it ?    I thought it’s the Universe.

—– ? ? ?   How do you know ?

Because it looks like a floating  Dog Shit, like a rock garden in Kyoto !

How nice !   It’s supposed to be a visualization of Claude Debussy Sir.

So, that’s why it sound Dog Shit.

Absolutely Correct. ( Don’t be serious, this is a joke  😀  )


PS :  Clicking photo, you can enlarge it.  And even larger by clicking again.


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