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DHARMA is Everywhere

Since I wrote and explained the Dharma in relation to spontaneous compassionate cases in

Japanese Disaster, a reader asked me “Is the Dharma prevails only in such special occasion ?”

—– Of cause not. Dharma is everywhere, where ever you go, always with you.

Simply because, that is how we exist and live.


In the sea, there is the Phytoplankton which is fixing solar-energy with their photosynthesis.

(I have no idea how many billions of tons of them all together there.) They are the most fundamental

organism to form the food chain, and they are eaten by the small fishes etc.

And the small fishes were eaten by the larger fishes and so on —–.(And on top of the chain, we eat

them large or small and in fact we are pushing many of them to their extinction )

On the land, the Plants are doing the same, creating themselves, looks out of nothing ( in fact, using

solar energy and the water + somewhat 10 materials ) —– then Herbivorous eat them.

—– In the Yellowstone Park US, now the re-introduced Wolves are regulating the population of

Elk ( kind of Reindeer ). ( When the man hunted down the Wolf, the Elk’s population exploded and

the vegetation has been devastated by the over grazing Elk —– So, man needed to put it back )


Those mechanism, so-called Ecosystem and its balance is the part of the Dharma,

so that some people call them as the Natural Law. Of cause, those mechanism are even inside of our

physiology as well, such as called Homoeostasis which controlling and keep the body condition constant.

The Dharma is not just a part of the science BUT crucially it is also a kind of will or direction

to over-see the EXISTENCES.

Why the Nature needs to have the balance ?   Or man’s body needs to be kept consistent ?

Because it is the will or direction of the Dharma to the Nature to BE HERE,

and the HUMAN BEING to EXIST. —– Rules / The Dharma couldn’t be explained  just with the

Science. Such as The Second law of the Entropy is a direct contradiction to the Creation of the Life. 

Why the particular atoms were INTENTIONALLY combined, not dispersed by the Entropy and

became to the Amino Acid and to a Life-form.—– ( It couldn’t be explained just with the Gravity )

( Yet, it doesn’t mean Human being got blank cheque. Since, we are only a small PART of the NATURE )


—– So, when we need,we eat we drink, we do the business etc etc —– on top of those fundamental

life’s activities, we form the society, we think and invent and so on, which we calls Culture and the

Civilization.   Still we are a part of the Dharma which is inherently keeping the things in balance.

To keep-up and follow those rules of the Dharma, we don’t need to even think about —– even if we

are asleep we still continue to breathe, heart keeps working.   So that, even with those very very inventive

Civilization and the incredible level of the Technology, we were still bound to keep fundamental rules

—– we still need to breathe Oxygen not CO2 or any fancy gas.


The Human being is, as it is an artificially modified version of the Ape ( generally called Evolved )

having fundamental paradox within.

Basic aspect and the function is still remained as it was originally designed as a part of the Dharma.

Though, the Culture and the Civilization, not mention the Technology which changed the condition and

the environment within few thousands years, are not necessary following the Dharma.

In other words, what Human being invented or created out of their over sized brain –— the result

of their thinking, is often contradictory to the Dharma. ( Imagination can start from purely

imagined base or abstractive idea, hence it can be an utter delusion )


As a matter of fact, we Human being is a compound of contradiction and the Paradox.

Therefore, it is having the inherent stress even for Just to be Here. —— ( So that, we are

having unconscious feeling of doubt or question, “ Something wrong. There must be answer

to make the things clear “ which has been driving a man to seek What is the TRUTH )

And this is what Buddha pointed out and taught. —– Better to live humble, simple life, even though

it is effectively the denial of the fruits of Civilization and the Technology.

And to eliminate the useless, trouble making thinking and to live in Mushin, hence able to

see and live with the Dharma.




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