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DETACHMENT and Rule of only ONCE

This Blog started two years ago just by accident. Because of it started, it started.

Not with any specific reason or purpose. And as its number of the readers grow, in my honest

feeling, I felt a kind of pressure to continue.

In my mind, say in that blank space, there seems to be a designated receptacle for Blog theme.

Therefore, the topics good for this Blog has been saved and it has been actually wrote down to post here.

But, since the day this Blog disappeared from the Syber-space once, on that

moment I thought “It is the sign for me to move this Blog to independent site”, though,

the receptacle for the post or something to write about, has disappeared too.


Zen mind is , fundamentally detached from any purpose or aim, it is only there as a product

of needs of the moment and the situation.

When the moment has gone and the situation is no longer there, there can’t be any product.

This is the same reason of me to have [Rule of only ONCE] —– if any short coming has

taken place in a situation, it is the end.

The file dilated. Hence no file to refer, nothing to think or cling.

Any how from the beginning, there was no reason the existence of the file in the first place

—– it was only a product of the moment.

Clinging the same idea or thinking which no longer exists or has a reason to be there, is a delusion.


May be the purpose of me to write Blog and to expose the idea under the light had a function to

solidify the vague idea then rationalize it—– and its process was finished.

As a name, DIY Zen suggest, this is a report of one attempt to decipher the Zen mind. It didn’t

follow any traditional method or teaching of a sect.  Hence there is no established authority.

Nor me to sell the idea or to organize a group.  This Blog was only a sample to see, whether it

is useful to others or not.


There is a hilarious story of Zen monks.  On the practice of silence, a monk fed up and murmured

“What a hell” so that, another monk shouted  “Shut up, don’t you know what we are doing”—– the

third monk quietly said “I’m the only one still in silence”.

To write about “There is nothing to write about” —– Ha ha ha.

Yet, this is the funniest part of the DIY Zen Blog.

Since it is the live report of what is the Zen in practice, this is a real report from the front line.

As there is nothing to write about,  there is nothing —– how peaceful !  😀

—– may be now on, I have to write a topics which I’ve made a memo before.



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  1. jagannathan said, on April 25, 2011 at 09:21

    dear yoshizen

    thanks for the great blog and if you decide to continue to write, i will continue to read 😀


    • yoshizen said, on April 25, 2011 at 10:59

      Thank you.
      I haven’t decided a format or template yet.

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