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Landscape — or Memory-scape ?

Landscape ? or Memory-scape ?

I don’t know. It’s a photograph. Sir.

Where the IMAGE came from ?

It came from a memory-card of my camera.

So, you photographed this, what was the subject ? Was that a Landscape or Abstract ?

What you mean Abstract ? Abstract of WHAT ?

That is what I’m asking.

Ask the Camera please. 😀 —– It might be De-ja-Vu. Sir.

So, your camera can take picture of your mind inside ?

What a fancy imagination you got. Sir. When we faced the situation, what I can do is

either press the button —– or not. I have only two choice.

So, you are doing Zombie photography. 😀

How nice. Very funny. This is Zen Photography   Sir.

That’s why I’m saying Zen is Dog Shit.

Dog Shit or not, can’t you see the scape somewhere where ever, not remember when but

far far away, long long time ago or in a future, we might have seen or may see one day.

You don’t need to think What is this about, but as long as the image absorbs your feeling,

and make your mouth shut, it’s all what needed.

—– But obviously this one didn’t make my mouth shut.

So I say.  Shut your mouth.  Just look it.  You are thinking too much.

You are violating my fundamental human right of Freedom of Expression.

Oh, bollocks. Preach to the camera.

What a dog shit.

———- Not much peace here. Ha ha ha 😀



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