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No one deny the exceptional drawing skill of Leonardo DaVinci, but how about his famous

ingenuity in the inventions, and the scientific thinking and the observation ?

Most of the people believe the reputation of him as a genius —– really ? ? ?

As a matter of fact, what people believe is mere Hear-say or Myth.

At least, anybody can see his superb drawings and the paintings. Though, how many people ever

put close eyes to his invention or anatomical drawings, which purported to be medically,

scientifically true representation of the human anatomy.


Utterly against the popular belief, my view of Leonardo DaVinchi is, he was just a trickster with

big mouth. Big mouth but his presentation with realistic superb drawing fooled the people.

Exactly same as a sham Doctor selling beauty portion with beautiful picture on the bottle.

But the people who doesn’t know the science or engineering was just fooled by his big mouth

—– any how they couldn’t understand the significance or implication of the drawings.


If you have the basic understanding of the mechanical structure, have look his famous design of

the battle tank. —– ( you can find it in the Wikipedia )

Just look how the wheels to drive the tank was connected. —— You must soon be realized, that the

tank can go nowhere, because the wheels of the tank rotates opposite directions, against each others.

Of cause, if it was actually ever built by the carpenters —– since even ordinary carpenters can see the

direction of rotation, the mistake in the design must be rectified and modified by them on the spot,

therefore the tank could have roll-out for test drive.  But even if it was built and tested, soon they realized

that a block of stone or shallow trench dug on the ground can easily demobilize the tank and it become a

sitting duck.  Oil and fire would burn the soldiers inside alive.   What a useless silly idea  😀


And just give a thought to that famous flying machine design —– does anybody possibly imagined,

somebody in the world has the muscle to swing the wings of that huge heavy structure ? 

Was Leonardo DaVinci such ignorant ?    Still, he believed it is a feasible good idea.—– Delusion again.

Despite his big mouth and the pretense, he lack the brain to rationally figured out the possibility and

the feasibility of the mechanism. —– He literally draw the beautiful picture (or dream ? )

He was a man just deluded and intoxicated by his own fancy idea and fooled others with it.

He was only good to copy and draw what he can actually see. —– was that ?   Really ?


There are hundred of the anatomical sketches made by him.

They are no doubt, superb realistic drawings —– except some

unimaginable distortions, which he intentionally put on there.

Leonardo DaVinci was a member of the Free Masons and had profound Masonic

belief, hence he had the belief of the spirit.   He believed the domain of the spirit

is in the brain, and because its spirit was carried in the semen, the child inherit the

spirit from father —– therefore it has been continued from Adam.

Its mean, the sperm has to come from the brain.   And it shouldn’t come

through the same tube sharing with urine, hence having different tube in the penis.

So that he has drawn additional extra tube running from brain to penis, in his anatomical

drawings of the genitals.

—– Obviously he was quite obsessed with this idea,the same man who

could precisely observed and drawn the exact position of the urinary

tube from kidney to bladder still managed to falsify non-existent tube

in the penis.   It’s not scientific at all.  And if he was a believer of

the God’s creation, it is a dreadful fallacy, and contempt of God.


There was a strange paradox in his belief. Despite his profound Masonic

belief of spiritualism, he didn’t know what the spiritualism mean, hence

he tried to make-up the materialistic representation of the spirit

—– the semen as the substance of the spirit.  ( Bad tendency of the inventor. 😀 )

( Inventor’s aim is to materialize the idea.  Philosopher accepts first and try to explain  😀  )

Lots of people were mislead by his paintings of Mona Lisa or Madonna kind of images, but it was

just an assignment with money to him, it was nothing to do with his spiritual state of the mind nor Christianity.

Considering many of his drawing of grotesque faces, and above all, a man who got insatiable apatite to

dissect the human body, even a pregnant woman with a foetus inside —– it is not only illegal but

a grotesque feast of insanity.   It was far worse than mental perversion.  He actually took a knife in his

hand to cut open a womb, in order to draw the shape of  foetus.  Under the spooky candle light ! Oh, No.

This is the reason why no spiritual institute gave him any historical significance, other than

dubious DaVinci Code story 😀

Neither no scientific, medical topics or phenomenon was ever named after him. —– scientists, medical

academics never took him anything serious.   Since, he was just a deluded pervert, yet able to get

away, just because of his powerful connection who has been fooled by his big mouth.

DaVinci was the most typical case of  PRECONCEPTION  which I wrote long time ago.

His dreadful gruesome act has been completely masked and forgotten by the smile of Mona Lisa.

And people were made to believe a myth of Genius 😀

( Those drawings are in the Queen’s Collection, Windsor )

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  1. Tamsyn Taylor said, on June 8, 2012 at 05:49

    The cadavers used by Leonardo da Vinci were NOT dug up illegally, they were given to him by the hospital for his studies. The hospital board were pleased to have him studying anatomy, because they could benefit by the knowledge. In those day there were many traditional ideas, (such as where sperm came from) that were not understood. Leonardo got these things wrong because EVERYBODY got it wrong! They knew that the brain and the testes both played a part in sexual intercourse, but didn’t understand exactly. Because Leonardo was cutting up cadavers, not operating on live people, he had to contend with the effect of shrinkage of the tissues. The penis has three main sections, and one section clearly has a tube through it. But a DEAD penis, (because of the shrinkage of the tissues) can look as if it has another tube between the three sections. This is almost certainly why he drew two tubes.

    Why do you think that Leonardo drew a tank that would only go round and round? Why do you think he drew an enormous bow that wouldn’t fire? Why is it that NONE of Leonardo’s WAR machines work. His wool-spinning machine works, his wire-testing machine works, his scaffoldings work, his bridges work, his mechanical lion walked and snarled. Why didn’t any of the machines designed to KILL people work, do you think? (Just remember that this man was a vegetarian who scorned the killing of animals for meat, and used to buy birds at the market and set them free.) I think you can work out why the military machines never worked.

    Leonardo was almost certainly not a Mason. His thousands of pages of notes and drawings don’t have Masonic symbols. HARDLY ANY of his drawings have symbolism of any type. There is one famous symbolic drawing of a bear in a boat with a tree coming in to land. It has obviously been drawn to used as a piece of decoration (in a book or tapestry or plaque). It may symbolise Christopher Columbus returning from America, but no-one is quite sure because Leonardo worked for wealthy clients, and drew whatever they demanded. So if they wanted a wall decoration, or a picture of the Madonna, or a fancy costume for a parade, or a war machine, then it was his job to design it. For nearly his whole life, he worked for a boss, usually a duke or prince. He didn’t work for himself. He never painted just to please himself, but always what his boss had ordered.

    People like Dan Brown who write books and articles about secret symbols in Leonardo’s work are way, way off the mark. There are no SECRET symbols. There are only symbols which any Italian person of Leonardo’s day could read easily. For example, Jesus in the “Lat Supper” has one hand turned up (a good, positive, accepting, “yes” sign) and the other hand turned down (a bad, negative, rejecting, “go away” sign). Anyone can read that. Look at the figures in that painting! Are their gestures mysterious? No! One disciple says “This is terrible!” Another one turns around and says “Do you know who he means?” another one says “It isn’t ME!” You don’t have to be a genius to work this out- you only need eyes to see the story that Leonardo was telling in pictures.

    Leonardo was fascinated by the REAL world. Every part of it: the sky, the clouds, the wind, the waves, the way the grass grew and the flowers bloomed, the way that water wore the rocks away, and the way that the sun sparkled when it shone on a precious stone. He didn’t have a lot of time for mucking around with secret societies, and mysterious ideas. He wrote thousands and thousand of words, but none of them are mysterious. He wrote backwards, not to stop people reading what he wrote, but because, if you are left handed, it is hard to push a goose’s quill pen the wrong way, and your arm blots the ink all the time you write.

    Leonardo loved people. He was known for his generosity. He was generous not just with money, but also with IDEAS. That was very important to his students. His students included some talented artists, but also a terribly naughty boy who stole from everyone and was ultimately killed in a dual.

    When Leonardo died, he left money for 60 old beggars to mourn at his funeral. That meant that they all got paid, and they all got a really good meal on that day. We also know that his youngest pupil (Count Francesco Melzi) wrote to his half-brothers (who had all tried to rip him off over his father’s will) that he was like the dearest father and there would never be anyone to replace him. We also know that the King of France sat by his bed and held his head as he died.

    It annoys me very much when people get completely the wrong idea about this wonderful man who was a genius, a pacifist and benefactor.

    • yoshizen said, on June 8, 2012 at 11:49

      Thank you very much to spare the time to read and gave a hefty comment though, obviously you got quite a bit of convenient short cut and wrong excuse.

      Korean grilled meat cooking is famously eat anything and such restaurants are everywhere.
      Once, I encounter pig’s penis = which is obviously
      dead shrunk body (if you are correct) yet still, I could see only one pipe.
      I don’t think the the extra pipe matter couldn’t be ignored with a convenient excuse “Everybody make
      mistake” as his penis drawing was made not only one, considering in comparison to another precise correct observation and the drawings. It was an quite firm willful act.

      The tank wouldn’t go round at all. It wouldn’t move in the first place.

      I saw the flying wing made according to his design at V & A museum some years ago. It’s a huge hefty heavy structure = who can make its fly 😀
      I’ve made a kinetic sculpture [Flying Dragon] myself. And realized that the resistance of the air is very strong therefore to make its wings flap I needed to put much larger powerful motor. This is an observation made by ordinary non genius, me.
      I don’t think Leonardo ever tested his idea even with a small model. 😀

      If he didn’t draw his drawings for his own pleasure, who asked him to draw anatomical drawing or the drawings of dreadfully ugly faces ?
      If the anatomical drawing was made on behalf of the hospital, why those drawings weren’t kept by the hospital and became their archive ?

      If he was a piece-loving vegetarian how come, he could draw those grisly drawings, and design war machines ?

      Just use and see the matters with your commonsense.

  2. yokuda said, on September 24, 2015 at 17:24

    Da vinci was an autodidact, he learned everything by himself, and thus he wanted to access to an universal level of knowledge, he was way too much independent to be associated with any filiation that provided lies and corrupted, like catholic church or any secret group, but he knew all their secrets and tried to reveal it with a symbolic language because it was the best way to communicate complex concepts in their simplest expression.

    • yoshizen said, on September 24, 2015 at 18:44

      Tell me what he explained in such simplest expression — if you understood any.

  3. yokuda said, on September 24, 2015 at 17:36

    “Where were you when I was dissecting some cadavers alone in that dark and wet cave?” That says it all! He refused to be associated with false conceptions and beliefs, he was awake in the age of darkness and no one at that time was able to hang on his research.

  4. yokuda said, on September 24, 2015 at 17:47

    The thing that most people don’t realize is that he wasn’t only a painter, but also an anatomist and an engineer, is it so difficult to grasp? Yes it is, unless you are also running different disciplines and you come to realize how difficult it is to investigate several research domains with the same curiosity.

    • yoshizen said, on September 24, 2015 at 18:39

      I do electronics, engineerings, know botanics, insects and doing photography while making
      cameras, lenses etc on the strict rational, scientific basis. And designing kinetic sculpture.
      That’s why I could see the design flaw of Leonald in one glance.

  5. yokuda said, on September 24, 2015 at 17:58

    “For nearly his whole life, he worked for a boss, usually a duke or prince. He didn’t work for himself. He never painted just to please himself, but always what his boss had ordered.”

    This is correct, he was serving others, that’s the reason why he could adapt to any kind of demands and push forward his creative skills, nearly in every directions.

    • yoshizen said, on September 24, 2015 at 18:31

      So, who ordered him to paint those anatomical drawings ?
      And the drawings of ugly faces ? = It was nothing but the self deluded self indulgement.

  6. yokuda said, on September 24, 2015 at 19:28

    You don’t understand, Leonardo was a Michael Jackson like, what he was, his personality, was way too much out of the ordinary to be grasped by his contemporaries. He was an initiated, he was talking with secret language because is IQ was quite high and for him it was way much more entertaining to use this metaphoric language, at a certain level of initiation, people talk that way because this is their way to understand each other without being understood by the profane. Everything in the physical reality can be decipher with a symbolic expression, the thing he was trying to depict was the truth being the veil stolen and used by the catholic church propaganda, everything is a lie, and he knew it, his way to show the truth by executing the christian agenda was a kind of revenge because he have seen his schooling refused because he was a bastard. The drawing with the bear on a boat is a very good example of how he saw himself, as a lonely sailor on his ‘Noah arch’ facing the Eagle (ego) taking the world in his claws, the meaning of the bear his also known as how the christians replaced the myth of the bear resurrecting with the spring by the myth of Jesus known as the personification of the sun. If you haven’t studied religious meaning and symbolic codification his messages remain hidden because it is how it goes, no pearls for the swine, this is also why his writings was reversed and full of pun, it’s occult, no easy to access because you have to deserve that knowledge with efforts and deep studies.

    It’s not about what he found but about how he was representing the things he was studying, with a new approach, more comprehensive for the readers, you say it when you talk about his drawing skills, but, again, his scientific eyes was used to go back later on his paintings. You don’t get that it’s about projecting on something pretty inaccessible and used later as a platform to transform the self, he was merely an alchemist, everything talk could possibly help him to achieve the great work was good to him. Everything in the mona lisa is symbolic, it’s a seal of all his knowledge, but of course, once again, it’s not accessible for the swine.

    I don’t know who ordered him to do those anatomical work, maybe a secret order, maybe not, as I said, it was just a platform for him to gain more personal knowledge in order to achieve the great work. And the ugly faces, well, it was the middle age, and he was studying the proportion of the human body in a quest for perfect harmony, this is how he saw the people around him, he was certainly a misanthrope, why? Because he was studying the human race as a Machine, with mechanisms, I guess he considered himself as the next step of the consciousness evolution. But it was also part of his personal philosophy, when he write about the ugliness of people, how they are disgusting inside, he was making the link between the faces and the thought, he write extensively about that.

    All his paintings are projections of his inner symbols, those paintings show that he knew himself perfectly and saw himself as a machine to, I can’t go further with that explanation because I’ve studied too much that topic to reveal everything here so I don’t care, when people attack a myth like leonardo, they are in fact projecting their own fear, their own weakness because they’re afraid by such genius, and this is very understandable.

    Again, it is not about what he found but HOW he was thinking, relating, linking everything at a time where most of the people where uneducated, poor and ignorant, he worked on his brain and shaped it as a razor by gaining personal knowledge, whatever what he found or if he was right, that not really important, what’s significant his the fact that he has this need to “understand” by any means, and it’s something most of the painters at that time weren’t doing, and he right extensively about that.

    In the painting the virgin of the rocks, what he shows is a mechanism, it’s not about the virgin mary, it’s the reflexion of an as above so below express with human characters, it’s not so difficult to understand, but without the correct link it remains hidden to the public, it was a GAME for him, he was playing like a CHILD with gifted skills, why was he so gifted? Because he didn’t give into the lies, so he could expand his creative skills filled with the truth, he wanted to understand the why behind the veil. He was a humanist, a pagan, close from nature, a dreamer I guess a little bit disconnected from the reality.

    At first I was reading your article and thinking the guy is on something, what he shows with the anatomical drawing and his explanation sound quite correct, Leonardo was a copycat and a fraud, but then I saw the first comment and I thought he was correct to, so I took the time to answer to this because both are right, and wrong, in each reasoning there’s some misunderstanding about the man himself. Now if you’re working at several discipline, and if Leonardo inspired you, then think that maybe that anger has to go back to you, Leonardo did his job and is innocent in this whole affair, personally he helped me to see the world in a different way, a new way, far from the conditioning and our programming culture.

    Hope this help

    • yoshizen said, on September 24, 2015 at 20:22

      When we use the word Mechanism, we imply it is far more visible and clear than such as Dynamism.
      And the Mechanism wouldn’t lie = has to work as exactly as designed = couldn’t be disconnected from a reality.

      In my text, I never said he was a genius but extremely good draftsman. And as I’m a Zen Buddhist, I wouldn’t see
      the things with delusion. And I wouldn’t impose my idea onto drawing, painting. = They are as they looks.
      Nothing more nothing less. So that, when I found his drawings of penis having two pipes, I found “This man had
      such and such delusion” that’s all. (and it wouldn’t inspire me for anything at all) 😀

      • yokuda said, on September 24, 2015 at 20:35

        “And people were made to believe a myth of Genius :-D”

        yes you say it at the end of your article.

        Well you show a quite narrow-minded and very arrogant behavior, you refuse to accept that you’re missing the whole depth of his work. You can’t judge someone based on one drawing when we know him to have done thousands of it.

        • yoshizen said, on September 24, 2015 at 21:20

          If I were narrow-minded I wouldn’t have had your comment approved in here in the first place.
          In Zen buddhism, it’s called Direct Transmission, just one thing, occurrence, word could be enough to know everything.
          Leonald had few drawings of penis with two pipes, not just one.
          Zen doesn’t give second chance. Once is enough.

          • yokuda said, on September 24, 2015 at 21:28

            Here’s a zen quote for you: If you close the door to all errors, truth will remain outside (Tagore).

            • yoshizen said, on September 24, 2015 at 21:47

              That’s good. Why DO I need to have errors.

          • yokuda said, on September 24, 2015 at 21:31

            Me think you’re just happy because you create the controversy, on one hand it’s good for you to think by yourself, on the other hand I would say you put your zen belief to avoid yourself to dig deeper…

            • yoshizen said, on September 24, 2015 at 21:56

              Zen is not a belief. It is just a practice to obtain clear vision.
              The best things having with clear vision is, just one glance we can distinguish truth to false.
              But it doesn’t necessary we reject a false = often it’s fun to play with false. 😀
              While playing with false, we can find and learn how and why Karma created this false.
              We don’t need to heat-up or emotional with debate but to see how it’s goes = this is what clear eyes meant.

  7. yokuda said, on September 24, 2015 at 20:44

    Could you show me your work? I don’t find it on your blog

    • yoshizen said, on September 24, 2015 at 21:42

      If your PC or Laptop showing WP, “Yoshizen Blog” front page —> see right hand column top,
      please click “About this Blog”—> some recommendation among the 800 posts.= some observation for Zen Buddhism. and etc.
      Or just Google “yoshi, Zappa” you can find only one photo in the history = Frank Zappa’s circular fisheye photo and
      the camera I used for that shot. (My handmade camera called Yoshi-handy)
      And if you Google “yoshizen, Z80 computer” you can see my homemade Z80 computer (half sculpture)
      And the Right hand column, Category —> Make, Art, Photography etc etc 800 is a lot. 😀
      Or you can click —> Associates —> Youtube = You can see Kinetic Sculptures in motion.

      I’m not just thinking or debating. I AM actually DOING or MAKING. While actually making it, any irrational idea or
      design will be exposed = this is the fundamental difference to the “deluded” “Dreaming” Leonardo da Vinci.
      There couldn’t be any possibility to design “Too heavy to move Flying Machine” Ha ha ha 😀
      (I wouldn’t give a sit to so-called Truth in the depth of Leonardo, if he had any, since as he couldn’t give
      such simple observation to the nature, how he ever possible to conceive even a shred of truth ?)

      • yokuda said, on September 25, 2015 at 12:32

        He was a visionary, a psychic and a prophet, and it was 500 years ago… When I take a look at your work, I don’t see any of those qualities despite your rational mind, I don’t even see the meaning nor the utility of your kinetic artwork except for some loony decoration

        • yoshizen said, on September 25, 2015 at 13:16

          It’s a good assessment. — If the art has any meaning or utility they are called design. As I’m creating my pieces to
          test completely free imagination and I’m not intended to sell or make myself famous, they got no purpose or function
          so, they were made out of discarded material from the skip and cost nothing = not comparable to the pieces
          created by a hefty financial support of the Duke or Pope. (That’s why, I use all different false name
          to prevent trace back to my real ID = money or name is the hindrance to the freedom of the creativity.)
          And that is what the Art is — in case if you don’t know or not having the eyes to distinguish them.
          If you are after something useful, see many of the Flash design or Lens design in the category of Make.

  8. yokuda said, on September 25, 2015 at 18:07

    Like I said, there’s a huge difference of BEING here, you read his work with the being of someone who create things for no purpose (low ethic), now he has the BEING of someone who was projecting himself into the future because he was CONSCIOUS of his actions, and again, this as nothing to do with working for some rich guy, I guess you ignore that during some period during his life he was begging to get some money to eat. The idea of using your real ID or not is stupid, creating alters is nothing but the manifestation of a fragmented ego, now assuming your work with your real name means real ethic because what you do = what you are.

    • yoshizen said, on September 25, 2015 at 18:41

      You may not know but, Zen Buddhism takes a stance of No-Self — in fact hundreds of my post are talking about this
      (read “Aluminium-Panel-Sculpture” = the simple process of making it, we work almost automatic = without thinking =
      without self conscious = NO-Self/NO-EGO = SO, Who made this ? = the Dharma (Rule of Universe) made it =
      So that, We ARE together with Dharma / Universe. = This is the Zen Buddhism.)

      If you think this is “Low Ethic” it is what you think and who you are. You BEING as you are is the reflection of
      your Karma, therefore it’s your life = I would interfere NOT. (If you Google “art figure, st. lucia” you will see
      the photo of my wire figure on top of 1 million items.
      It’s mean, it IS a Google certified “ART” but also, such cheap “Low ethic” product was appreciated most, in this world.
      = This is the plain FACT — Can you deny this ?)

  9. yokuda said, on September 26, 2015 at 09:29

    When we know this world has a low ethic level, your example can’t be taken as a reference, As far as I know, Da Vinci adopted a zen attitude toward his work, one needs to have amazing patience to do that kind of paintings. The more we talk the less we understand each other, I let you with your non-ego rated on top of google art research and your zen belief system used to hide your misunderstandings

    • yoshizen said, on September 26, 2015 at 11:12

      Zen only see the things, never attempt to understand others = only accept and allow other’s existence,
      because the other exists on their own Karma. Zen only make the one become aware. (by him,herself) =
      not an intellectual understanding.
      I didn’t make ANY misunderstanding. Simply, Leonardo’s penis drawings which has been drawn to show
      TWO pipes are self explanatory and nothing else. I DID SEE what was drawn there.

      What I proposed in my blog was, that the hidden fact, = inherent brain activities (jump process of the
      Emotional region when the signal has been repeated. Tagging the input signal with Emotion is the mechanism
      to create the feeling of “MINE” = hence creating EGO and Greed etc etc = therefore without having this
      Emotional tagging will lead to NO EGO, NO Greed, etc etc.) is the basis of the Zen Buddhism.

      You are absolutely right, “too much talk” became a background noise because the Brain start to ignore it
      therefore no possibility of understanding.

      • yokuda said, on September 26, 2015 at 20:27

        I can understand what you say, but some infos are missing in your reasoning, let’s make it clear once for all. Da Vinci used to dissect everything, not only bodies but also what he was explaining in his inventions, THAT specific action IS symbolic in essence, this is the way we progressively going to the essence of all things, by cutting the many layers to the “bones”, in other words to access to the structure, or the essence, when he did that, he probably cut through his OWN beliefs to verify, to show to himself or to wonder “look, is it my belief or is it really how it works?”, this action of cutting everything is a QUESTION in itself asked to the universe through rational or scientific questions. HE explains it when he says that your paintings have to be as a mirror, so his dissections was as a mirror of his own questions but also beliefs, of course, how else could it be?

        • yoshizen said, on September 27, 2015 at 01:45

          Missing in my reasoning, — reasoning why Leonardo draw 2 pipes in the penis or made useless design of
          tank and flying machine ? Of course, there could be a symbolic meaning such as “Man is a creature who could
          make mistake” though I don’t think in the specific action, the matter was too straightforward and clear
          there couldn’t be any excuse unless Leonardo wanted to prove that he IS an idiot.

          Pushing an aluminium panel thousand, ten thousand times and create nude figure could be a symbol of the
          human life and its endless hard work though, in a Zen context, repeating the same action itself is the
          practice to create automatic action = programing the brain to carry out the action without the tagging of SELF.

          In the same context, Leonardo’s action could be a symbol of the human attitude, quest to the knowledge still,
          regardless any noble intention behind, his silly mistakes looks too silly to me.

  10. yokuda said, on September 27, 2015 at 11:04

    “of course, there could be a symbolic meaning such as “Man is a creature who could make mistake”, you don’t get my point because some elements remain hidden to your eyes and to your reasoning, this zen philosophy is what I could call your comfort zone, not the Zen philosophy in itself but the way it blinds you, this is your excuse to refuse to see that maybe you’re the one who’s making a mistake. I’m talking about you writing 500 years later a critic about a man who was awake while everybody around was sleeping, you use that guy as a scapegoat to glorify your own blog, can you just get it?

    • yoshizen said, on September 27, 2015 at 11:48

      In deed, if you believe, you’ve got it. There could be 10 billion beliefs in the world, and it wouldn’t be my problem.
      How interesting, you claimed to know the Zen Philosophy better than me —– tell me what is it ?

      Your fundamental trouble is, despite using the (empty) word such as “hidden truth” “symbol” “awake” etc etc blah blah,
      yet, you never clarified what it is, and never give the answer such as why 2 pipes in Leonardo’s penis drawings.

      You might found a person keep talking you first ever in your life. Though, the trouble is, your words are all just
      blah blah, and no rigid substance or context, but just the endless complainings. Calm-down and look at a mirror first.
      (In fact, I had an experience to talk like this for six months to a deluded nut before, and I’m taking this kind of
      practice as a training for a monk, somewhat akin to a social worker’s practice.)

  11. yokuda said, on September 27, 2015 at 18:38

    I never clarify because it would take too much time to explain… unfortunately,
    I don’t pretend to know Zen better than you, anyway,
    could you just give me another example of someone like leonardo Da Vinci, can you compare that man to any other artist of his time,
    what makes him different?

    • yoshizen said, on September 27, 2015 at 19:37

      How interesting, you say that behind of such as 2 pipes in the penis or counter rotating tank wheels,
      there was a highly complex theory or unexplainable truth exists other than a sheer idiocy of Leonardo.
      But, obvious fact was that since then nobody ever interested in to research and write about such theory,
      because no such theory or truth was there.
      And a reality was, no serious scientists or any academics ever give a sit to Leonardo’s so-called truth,
      so that, in the whole history, NONE of the organization, nor scientific phenomenon was ever named after him.
      (only an exception was, American surgical robot was named “Davinci”)

      The painter, Michelangelo said to have very profound knowledge of emulsion technology.
      Despite such poor understanding of science and engineering, still boasting a lot with big mouth, was
      definitely unique to Leonardo.
      In this extent, Leonardo da Vinci was quite different from any other normal people.

  12. yokuda said, on September 29, 2015 at 09:01

    Anyway, I don’t really care, this is your opinion and I respect it. Bye

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