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ANGER management

I talked about those matter in relation to  Emotion or  Subconscious in many of my old posts.

As I wrote there, Emotion is more to do with the chemical / Hormone effects in our body than

the matter of what we are thinking.

Although there is a funny circle of Chicken and Egg of one’s Mind and the Chemical.

—– which comes first ?

When we are contented, that feeling of being satisfied is created by the Hormone called Serotonin

and the Dopamine. —– And the anger was caused by the Noradrenalin.

With the presence of Serotonin the effects of Noradrenalin is suppressed.

Everybody knows, when we are hungry, we tend to get angry. —– we are pretty simple animal 😀

Simply because, when we are hungry there is no Serotonin in our brain hence easily get angry.

Therefore, not get angry, we need to be contented, hence having Serotonin in the brain.

—– Being contented —– here comes your Mind-set.


Contentedness is a relative matter and which is dependent to your assessment —– assessment between

your expectation and the result or what you got on front of your eyes.

Literally, the content is in a jar. How content fills the jar is depends on the size of the jar.

The same content which fulfil a small jar may look almost empty in the bottom of huge jar.

We just feel how it is full by a glance —– and feel either contented or disappointed.

So, have a small size of the jar —– you always feel full = CONTENTED.

Therefore, plenty flow of Serotonin.

With a lots of Serotonin, the anger hormone Noradrenalin is suppressed = PEACE of MIND.


To have a small jar is, what we called Humble life. And not too greedy nor arrogant.

Settle with small jar seems to be not ambitious and associated with defeatism —– you are wrong.

It is an easy popular deception created by the commercialism.   With its commercialism you are

mislead and infected by the virus of hunger.

Be positive to be Humble —– ( It’s better than to be in Hunger and Angry dairy life. 🙂 )

What you need is proportional to your size. —– your size is what you were born to be.

You may have huge jar in one aspect of your life, but small one in the other aspect.

No one can have everything.   And not expect to others, since the other may not have it too.

This is What you need to become aware WHO YOU ARE.

And to know this, you need to have clear eyes to see it, listen it, feel it.

Here comes Zen Buddhism to have clear self-awareness.


It’s a long circle of the Chicken and Egg 😀

You must be convinced why the Buddhism exist to have Peaceful Life.

( Effect of chemicals in our body is a part of the Dharma and the Buddhism.

Buddhism is not dubious mumbo-jumbo, but has clear explanation in science )



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