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Japanese ENIGMA — It’s the BUDDHISM

There are numerous report of the Japanese disaster which showed incredible calmness

and the orderly behaviour of the people who went trough unimaginable devastation of

their life.

AND the unbelievable calmness while hearing and facing the situation of their Nuclear plant’s

meltdown. —– as if even a meltdown didn’t make a news or no longer the issue.


Of cause there was a cunning manipulation of the media by the government and the establishment

whose interests are heavily entwined with those Power supply industry ( with their financial, political

mutual interdependency ) and the PR machine which organized the bent scientists who has been

creating smoke screen and the deception saying “ Nuclear is safe and clean “.


So when their Nuclear system break down and shown the leak of radio-active material, they kept

pretending it was just a minor trouble of electric power failure, hence nothing serious at all, and

try to patch-up behind the scene. —– though, as it has melted down just the next day of Tsunami,

the trouble couldn’t be solved easily—– meltdown is really serous trouble.

—– still, they managed to keep the people ignorant, then rose the accident level 5 to 7, a month

later —– waited until the people get used and become immune to a bad news.

Strangely you may think, even in this situation, there is no word of Meltdown in

the Power company’s official report. (Saying  ” I’m not good in English”  😀  😀  )

So that no longer Japanese believe the Company who is just dodging the word. 

( Then what can you believe —— nothing. —– neither knows what will happen ) 


Strangely, how serious the situation was, which was detected and assessed by the foreign experts

who saw the Nuclear accident in Three miles Plant US, and those report was appeared in the media

abroad, —– but they were ignored as a demagogue —– anything bad news were suppressed.

This attitude was taken not only the Japanese media but it was common among the people.

[ The most important issue is, to rebuilt the life and regain the normality.

Anything obstruct this has to be rejected and ignored]

———- Whether you can believe or not, you like or not, this is the Buddhism.


Buddha told that the life is suffering — and the death is in the end. Yet still, there is

the way to overcome those obstacles by the way to see the world and the life.

And the way to see it, is the Buddhism.

By this, the Enlightenment, we can get the Nirvana —– therefore, instead of wasting

the time worrying about those obstacles and the troubles, [Just get on the life. Just Do It]

Japanese are literally doing this.   ( Unlike in the west, no riot smash or burn down the

Company —– because they know such emotional act can’t solve the trouble at all)


Buddha ignored a question what is the structure of the universe or the soul is perpetual.

—– obviously because  [ They are unknowable and it doesn’t matter for us at all ]


Now we human being is at the brink of finding the fundamental of the existence by the experiment

of Atomic research —– sound interesting though, —– [ String theory ? ? ?] —– ?

Is it the matter to how many person in the world ? Is Parallel World (even if it’s existed)

anything matters to you ?

The more closer to us, all the fancy gadgets wouldn’t work and couldn’t be designed without the

calculations in the Quantum theory —– though, how many people in the world actually dealing

with this ?   Most of the people using the gadgets only knowing which switch is on-off.

We might be extinct because of the activities of the Sun or by an Asteroid etc. etc. who knows ?

Is it help us to know what could happen one day ? — other than interesting brain teaser.  😀

———- So that, Buddha rejected anything which exist only in the mind

and irrelevant to our dairy life —– defining they are just the delusions.


To the Japanese people, natural disaster —– when it’s comes what would happen are same as the

Asteroid or Solar Activities —– it may come but what can you do ?   Nothing.

If nothing, it is better not to bother. —– Worrying wouldn’t help anything (except to the

scientists who knows better and the engineer who design more reliable structure )

And for them, the trouble of the Nuclear Meltdown and its consequence came into the

same category. —– therefore, if it’s happens, it happens —– same as inevitable death,

there is no escape hence no point to argue. —– just resign.

(Anyhow, they can’t understand what is the Nuclear Reaction mean and radiation is

invisible.  It makes no different to Earthquake.  They just shut off the useless thinking )

And as the blockage removed ( worrying mind has gone) then,  just live the day in its best.

Do the best mean, do what you can, to the things on front of you.  Help others who is having more

difficulties.  Utilize something which remains —– improvise and be resourceful. etc.etc.

The matter is live there while making in its best. —– best mean not to do wrong —– they

don’t rob others, nor steal. Even don’t cry —– crying makes others even more depressed

—– it’s no good.  So, this is how and why they are seemingly behaving in such orderly way.


You must be realized, it is not enigma at all —– and realized, the control of ego and

emotions can be done by anybody. ( If you can not, it is because you are believing and

unconsciously wanting to cling your ego and the emotions.

—– it is your trouble of fundamental Mind-Set — you need to change the subconscious )


Play to the 25,000 victims of the disaster in Japan.

And the best wish to the recovery of the half million people who has been affected.



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