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PEACE in JAPAN —- Really ? ? ?

Japan is a strange country.   Among the developed countries, it is the most safe, prosperous

country.  Newborn babies’ mortality rate is the smallest in the world and live longest life.

In other words, it is the most peaceful place in the world. Never seen bloody conflict or

political economical insurgence, other than few Yakuza killings and very remote poison-gas attack

by the religious fanatics. —– Only exception is occasional natural disasters which is

killing handful people in each incidence.

—– so, some may say Japanese are spoiled by the peace.


It seems, the previous post which I wrote how Japanese is overcoming the disaster by

ignoring the BAD NEWS, annoyed some people who was saying “ Don’t mix-up

the natural disaster to the man-made Nuclear Accident and the failure of the

response by the government.

I’m well aware of it. In fact I’ve been annoyed by the situation myself. At least, I was an

anti-establishment activist. —-but, we learned it in 60th, 70th how hopeless the situation is.


The expression in the west [Bang the head against a stone wall] would explain the

situation. —– And the rack of the political leadership, charismatic leader, nor championing

organization — hence no prospect of any change. ( You might be noticed, there is

virtually no anti-Nuclear demonstration in Japan except the one organized by the

musicians —– it was more like a family outing to cheer-up the depressed people

and politically gave no effect )

So that, there is very positive activities to help the disaster stricken people, but in the same

time deep hopeless mind-set toward the situation, especially the government or establishment.

This hopelessness and powerlessness toward the ever murky politics and the

situation of the Nuclear Plant made the people to feel —– it is no different from

unfortunate fate, like the one’s death which will inevitably comes.

(Remember, there was anti-Nuclear or anti-War demonstration, though I never seen

anti-death demonstration — of cause, there is no point at all though,

it is utterly unfair isn’t it. Why not ? 😀 )

—– This Japanese psyche has been exploited by the government, hence their one-party

dominance could continued 50 years.  (Then even after the power moved from Lib-Dem to

Democratic Party, unfortunately as they have been away from the system too long,

they don’t know how to govern the country —– and the system relying on the personal

expertise and the connection, it can not be replaced and changed easily)

Japanese politics is done by the negotiations between those in power and the backup person

and not open to public, not mention foreign journalists, the debate in the Parliament are

just a farce and the Minister is just a nominal figure (the facts and the data was held by

bureaucrats, hence Minister doesn’t necessary know the whole picture) —— even a head of

government change, those people who know the data and actually run the system is

still the same.   Mind you, the system there is economically second or third largest system

and the industrially as large as US. —– when the supply of components stopped from Japan

due to the disaster there, even the iPAD production in China halted.



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