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WHAT —– ? ? ?

Posted in Awareness, Buddhism, Ethos, Fate / Providence, Karma, Mindfullness, Zen by yoshizen on May 20, 2011

The left photo here is —– can you believe, a broken

heat exchange to condensate the steam to water,

inside of the Hamaoka Nuclear plant (now its

operation is halted) in Japan.(photo from Exite News)

We may expect, a Nuclear plant was constructed by

shiny special alloy with ultimate precision.

Though, the fancy part is the inside of the Nuclear chamber

where the radio-active nuclear fuel rods are placed which

is heating up and boiling the water to make steam which in turn drive a turbine

and drive an electric generator —– so, the lest of the plant is just an ordinary electric power station

which could be built by any ordinary worker. —– really ? ? ?

The boiling water is directly contact with nuclear fuel, hence it is highly radio-active too.

And such radio-active water is circulating inside of the pipes you can see in the photo,

its mean nuclear radiation is not confined and sealed inside of chamber.


Unexpected accident could happen in any unexpected manner.

The broken pipes on the photo was said to be caused by an iron cap only 5kg heavy dropped inside.

Of cause, no such simple mistake should be happened, though in realities

we are making unexpected silly mistakes everyday.

So, why that iron cap didn’t have a secure chain or why the pipes didn’t have protective grid etc.

All those short comings were emanated from the complacency and the mind-set to cut the cost.

(Though, the pipes looks like burnt by intense heat, not broke open by mechanical force —– ? ? ?

—– their explanation seems wrong—– What is the truth ? )


From the ever powerful Power Company, contract went to such as GE (having patent of the design)

then such as Toshiba or Hitach may built the plant though actual work was done by subcontractor

and sub-subcontractors —– who knows.   Those sub-sub-subcontractors may picked up a worker

who is saying know how to weld —– and the inspection was just a formality.

Then the heat-exchange for nuclear power plant went into operation.


In the Japanese ethos, each profession / technician has their own pride called [Shokunin-konjyo]

(Craftsman’s ethos) which proud of their perfection and the quality of the work —– it’s exists even in

a forefront hi-tech industry, the eyes to find minute difference in the material or a work piece and

the minuscule adjustment which is almost invisible to the eyes ( in Buddhist’s term it is the mindfulness)

—– then realize supreme quality.

Though, it might be too much to ask to a worker of sub-sub-subcontractor picked up on the day.

Even a billion of billion yen project, as the profit was siphoned out ( in order to pay for the politician

and the licensing inspector) then the cost was squeezed by which only sub-sub-sub worker can accept

to work —– so that, no one can expect the quality and reliability of their work.

—– wait a moment, this is a part of dangerous Nuclear Power plant not a steam boiler to

heat a green house for vegetable.

Something went seriously wrong in Japan.

Japanese government keep refusing the research and assessment of the IAEA, WHO

and the Greenpeace in order to prevent the situation of the spread of radio-active

contamination become public, and the rest of the world to know —— I wonder, they could

be accused of the crime against the humanity.  Why not ? ? ?



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