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Posted in Art, Awareness, Emotion, Ethos, Fun to read :-D, Intelligence, Mind, Music, Photography, Subconsciousness by yoshizen on May 22, 2011

Yesterday I popped out with my camera with

ever loved fish-eye lens to meet a friend photographer.


With a sort of fixture when ever I have to go out in this kind of

occasion, the sky is blue, sun is shining (in fact, too much for

photography) —–.

Waking from a camera shop where I bought two SLR bodies for

5 pound each for spare parts, I literally came across a charming

graffiti and an artist working on it at the notorious [Authorized

Graffiti Space] railway under-path near Waterloo Station.


In one glance, as I felt the image is somewhat Japanese hence I thought the guy is Japanese.

But he turned out to be rare Thai-Mexican mix and a graduate of an Art School here.

So, the image on the wall is not a Japanese [Okame] face —– 😀

—– What so ever, it’s having strange nostalgia.   The trouble of this kind of very deep latent

memory is, it is hard to figure out its origin.   In fact, non of Japanese woman got a face like that

—– but why I felt it is a Japanese Okame ? ? ? —– was it an illustration of a children’s book I saw

when I was very small ?   Or ancient paintings ?

( At the dawn of Japanese culture, the paintings remain now showing those round cheeks and smooth

round face, hence the explanation of the teacher was “It must be the Korean beauty’s face then” as

those cultural influences came from China through Korea though I never seen no such faces

among the Korean women now)


—– or more fundamental nostalgia / common ancient memory even shared by Thai-Mexican ? ? ?

Seeing some other drawings of the artist at his website – sniffsniff.co.uk – (Please Google it. It’s

fascinating enough to click) I found, it was not necessary to be Japanese but his own style — even

his another drawing of western woman having same kind of rather smooth, somewhat innocent,

naive faces —– may be originated from his own memories of childhood —– hence having

no element of eroticism. I like the art which appeals to my subconscious —– and make me puzzle

but more importantly —– gave a kind of soothing, —– listening a far distant lullaby like feeling.


After all, we are not living on the sophisticated, complex idea but on the basic feelings.

We may debate or argue about idea or ideology though, unless those idea has made sense and

fused into our subconsciousness, it wouldn’t intertwined or influence our feelings.

On the conscious thinking process, we can think anything we know (even about a new information

just acquired on the spot ) though, that information may soon be forgotten.

But a deep imprinted fact ( in the long-term memory) or its feeling remains almost for ever —–

even after we all forgotten associated facts which tells where and when etc. some information

or latent memories affect our feeling and even a judgement.

(Unless the new information came with shocking impact otherwise repeated again and again, it

wouldn’t become long-term memory / a memory stacked in the subconsciousness )

Still when we rediscovered long forgotten or hidden old memories, it gave us a bit of shock.

—– this is why we need an art which joggled our memory or mind —– as the artists are

good to communicate and able to express their own subconscious.

(The deeper he can go, it will be common with more people —– same as the music)


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  1. jag said, on May 22, 2011 at 20:08

    nice 🙂

  2. kiddingthecity said, on May 23, 2011 at 19:55

    It has been a very interesting walk, Yoshi, thanks so much for your advices and spiritual guidance. Please, fwd me your email so I can exchange some shots. We must do it again!

    • yoshizen said, on May 23, 2011 at 20:54

      So, you found my blog. Good good.
      Yha, in deed we should go out and take pictures together again.

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