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One of the most cynical joke toward the Buddhism is

—– If there is no Self, where is the one who get enlightened ?

In fact, I’ve seen this joke also in a famous book written by one of the most prominent Buddhism

scholar in Japan.    He translated many important Buddhism scriptures into modern Japanese.

Which book,  I might have read 100 times ?

(so, I’ve read this joke 100 times) Ha ha ha —– very funny 😀

And it took me more than 20 years to realize the hidden truth —–

Ah’ because, he hasn’t enlightened yet then !


As long as the one is entwined with the Self —– no enlightenment. (It is self-evident)

And the moment, when the one got enlightened —– it is the same moment as the Self disappeared.

Or, the moment when the Self disappeared, it’s mean the one was enlightened.

The Self and the Enlightenment never exist in the same time.

Therefore, to make the joke has no point —– and the author of the book hasn’t realized it by

himself —– its mean he didn’t know what is the enlightenment. Yet still, he is a professor teaching

about the Buddhism. —– knowing the words and teaching them is different from Buddhism itself.

One could get enlightened in direct transmission in one day, still the other who studied

hundreds of scriptures are not necessary guaranteed to achieve enlightenment or nirvana.

Never mind, we all are still Buddhist. Ha ha ha 😀




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