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I have written about how Leonardo Davinch was obsessed with his Masonic belief a while ago.

And it is well known that the Masonic people has been trying to figure out the fundamental rule of

the universe in its proportion or mathematical formula, hence the architectural proportion of

the old temple etc.

Fibonacci number / its rule of consecutive numbers are one of the rules found in nature —–

since they thought, it should have the ultimate power of rule of universe. etc etc.   ( It is true, some plants

and its order of distribution of  leaves or seeds on the pod shows certain pattern, hence certain formula

which lead to the discovery of the very Fibonacci number ) —– so what ?


Unfortunately, there is no such magic formula to solve the trouble in the human life.

If the perfect proportion of the old temple have had any mythical protective power of the universe,

it couldn’t have been destroyed.

It is a tendency of the dream of lazy and yet greedy man —— to grub the power and the fortune

by tricking using the simple and easy formula —– and believing such things could ever exist.


Of cause, Buddha taught no such things could ever exists, and such idea is nothing

but a delusion. —– though, some Mahayana Mantras having many fancy super natural stories.

A man who read Diamond Mantra and wanted to gain such super natural power, asked me to teach

the secret of Zen. (since he believed I’ve got it —– how nice complement 😀 )


Give a thought or two to what Buddha taught —–

Fixed formula which got only few parameters only works to the fixed, limited condition.

Buddha said, nothing stays permanent and keep changing moment to moment = out of

reach of any fixed formula.

Such formula is a product of our poor thinkings —– how we can rely such idea when the author,

ourself is unreliable.   Even its existence is not certain.

Above all, what is the intention to get such secret formula for — to get the good result quick ?

To get power and the fortune in easy way ? = What a greed and the arrogance.

Such greed or arrogance negates any virtue of the Buddhism.

One Buddhists sect recruiting the people saying “Get happiness quick“— though, such idea to appeal

the people’s greed negates Buddhism itself.   ( You can see, despite they are taking a lots though they

are the most miserable people — only able to repeat what was written in the book, and thinking  Happy)

Strange Paradox of  Goodness in the  Buddhism only came  out of  absolute nothing. From No expectation.


Buddha didn’t give an answer to many questions — long time myself has been thinking, because

it was not necessary for us to know, — though I realized, it was the very answer Buddha intended to give.

The answer itself is a notion, whether it was said by Buddha or not.  When the notion itself and

the condition based upon it couldn’t exist in a fixed form, there couldn’t be

a fixed answer = no answer is the very answer.

—– Then all the another pieces of his teachings fallen into the jigsaw —– that’s why the clear eyes to

see the Dharma is essential = Dharma itself is not fixed entity, it changes a moment to moment,

hence the flow of response is essential. The free mind, not cringe to any fixed idea, away from any

deluded idea or belief is essential = Mind of No-Mind is the key to see the Dharma.

Its mean, the compliance to the situation is the matter. See the situation as it is.

And the response on this moment may not be the same to a response a moment ago.

Its mean, there is no fixed formula. Or no-formula is the ultimate formula.

No quick fix with anticipation exists.

Don’t worry with bad anticipation, until its happened, it hasn’t happened yet.

When it’s happened, then, take best action —– as long as you keep your eyes clear,

the situation you see is far better than misguided anticipation.

Flexible structure is much stronger even in an earthquake.

This is the Buddhism.   Buddhists never miss the moment.



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  1. jagan said, on June 2, 2011 at 09:22

    the weird thing is the sacred mathematics is not quite right in nature. close to fibonacci yes but not quite. close to a spiral yes. but not quite.

    its impossible to draw an ideal mathematical circle, the most sacred form of all. there will always be imperfections – however small – moment to moment change in the drawing even if controlled by a precise robotic hand.

  2. yoshizen said, on June 2, 2011 at 10:54

    You are absolutely right.
    Hence, imperfection itself is, also a part of the Dharma.

  3. jagan said, on June 2, 2011 at 13:00

    why does human mind seek perfection in the midst of imperfection?

    • yoshizen said, on June 2, 2011 at 15:15

      May be billion of imperfect there —- not possible to remember all, but only one perfect.
      It is easy to handle —- we human are lazy 😀

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