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Whose LIFE is it ?

In the Buddhism, to think “ This is my Life” might be the most arrogant notion.

—– In the truth, we might be here by the will of somebody else,

Buddha or Dharma whoever over there.

Its mean we are here to fulfil his will or intention. —– in other words, on the surfice, we are

believing that “ I have chosen my direction. It was my decision”  though, in fact it was given, and

we just have taken its opportunity in its occurrence. ( Remember, you didn’t chose to born —– you

have just become aware you are here —– when you were 8~10 years old 🙂 )

It was not accident. —– It was predestined direction.


This is what the selflessness really mean in its deepest meanings.

( What really exists is not you, but the Dharma —– so, the words “Dharma in you” may be

misguiding —– YOU were not separate entity or counter notion from the beginning )

And this might be the real meaning to be the life to be the Bodhisattva.

The life is, not one’s life but the Life of the Dharma.



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