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Posted in Awareness, Belief system, Ethos, Fate / Providence, Make, Mind, Order of Universe, Prediction by yoshizen on July 28, 2011

As a humble man who is wearing £6.99 shoes from Lidl shop ( in this instance, forget about a bit expensive

camera lens etc 😀 ) my only shopping pleasure is (as I don’t buy other than regular essential staff) to

find something funny products (always from China) in a pound-shop.

As a matter of fact, most of the case I don’t use them as it was expected to do —— I disassemble and use the

material or components for another purpose.

In the same time I can see the way how they designed and manufactured the product —– in

extremely cheap way !   I use a word [ Amazing ] for such products —– Amazing in certain extent, for

their pretty innovative, creative, lateral-thinking !

( Remember,  Chinese was the people who invented Gun-powder,  Paper,  Magnetic Compass, etc. and

able to establish the viable system of  Herbal-medicine,  not mention the Acupuncture. )


In the development of human civilization, there has been numerous [ Amazing ] invention, some of them

might have come through by accident though, some are beyond the imagination, such as the way how

acupuncture was invented ! —– once after the phenomenon was noticed, there was no limit to

experiment for this point and that, and thousands of years of accumulated observation = here the each point

were established, —–  For a Royal Doctor, hundreds of prisoners or poor patients must be his disposable, no

shortage of guinea-pig.  Hence, thousands of systematic experiments, research could have done in ease,

untill the exact point or portion of herb and the mixed combinations were defined and established.

( I guess, millions must have died in agony when the experiment went wrong —– and this tradition is

seemingly continuing in China even today, the prisoners in death low are executed to meet the schedule of

organ transplant for the hospital and corrupt officials to make money )

But what about the very first moment to notice  “ there is a certain connection between the

symptom and accidentally pieced needle “ —– ! ! !    [Amazing observation ! ]

( It might be evolved from the [Shiatsu massage] / Press the point strongly as a part of martial art —– then

“stronger the better” so that, burn a Moxa on the same point,  and came to the idea  “How about piercing” )


In comparison, I don’t think there was not much length needed to invent Gun powder as

a Taoist Doctor was an Alchemist too.  ( Herbalists use all sorts of material such as even Mercury or

Arsenic etc ( the fancier the ingredient the more profitable, — such as Tiger-bone, Rhino-horn — which

carry the price of £60,000 /Kg   and Sea-horse, etc) ) —– there could be a mixture of Carbon and Nitrate

made soon or later.   Then put them in a bamboo pipe,  it would easily make a Rocket  🙂

And as Chinese is making dried sea-weed using bamboo mat ( like Nori on Sushi ) there couldn’t be

much distance to discover the technic of Paper making.


So, there seems to be a key ingredient in Chinese mind-set, —– acute keen eyes to observe,

and the millions of  try and error, some are pretty inventive approach —– on the end

it would be succeeded.   (But, a question is, why they couldn’t find [ Periodic Table] kind ? )

Ten years ago, Chinese products were just cheaply made crap though, these days some are nicely made

( even shiny iPhone, iPad are all made in there, anyhow there is no difficulty as most of the components

come from Japan ) they are getting the skill to make a copy and make it looks nicer — after all, the screen

of  iPhone,  iPad were all made by Sharp Japan, what else they need ?  😀


An interesting small item I found in a pound shop was an engraver to scrape a name on what ever the

surface material.   ( When I saw it, I wondered how the drill tip and the small motor-shaft was connected

—– it can be useful somewhere —– purposely made shaft coupler is much more expensive )

When I opened, I discovered the most minimalistic, ultimately simplified structure !

I think, the photo can show you everything.   Just one twisted wire is functioning as a spring to pressurize

and holding the batteries while connecting it to the motor.

Still it works ! —– no frill but enough for ordinary use ! —– That’s why it was £1.

To see such drastic simplification made my jaw drop.     This is almost a revolution.

While maintaining its function, still able to cut the cost to such bare minimum, this way of thinking is

noting but amazing.

—– M m m, ? ? ? But in the same time, it made my spine chill.   This kind of mind-set, very very

innovative cunning thinking, disregards any convention but “as long as (apparently) it works = it’s OK”

might be behind even their rapid construction of Hi-speed Train or the Cooking Oil recovered from the

sewerage —– that’s was the way how it made somebody horrendously rich.

And now their Hi-speed Train was plagued by the accident, killing many people.   ( but, because of their internal

rule, the number of fatality of any accident is always 35 max, otherwise the local official will be sucked

—– therefore if the number of dead exceeds = the bodies disappear and classified as missing —– ? ? ?

but,  where those 3~400 missing bodies has gone ?,  it’s  middle of nowhere ).


To liberates the way of thinking, but in the same time, strain the mind to stay within the

morality, stay away from greed,  is on the very thin blue line.

Where their thousand years proud tradition of  Taoism,  Confucianism,  Buddhism  has gone ?

—– Wasn’t that, their sublimated Ethos ? ? ? ——- or Mammon-ism is much stronger ?

The trouble seems to be —– they got only two choice, either connected to the Communist Party’s power

and get rich,  otherwise stay poor and killed ( or even worse,  suppressed and disappear).

And root of this trouble is, they have been in the [Artificial] society too long. —— Ideology

is artificial, and a policy of such as  [one baby] policy was utterly artificial ( because of this,

they are facing the crisis of having twice as many old retired population than young working generation).

When facing the deadly choice of  life or death = Mammon-ism is only the mean to survive. Is it ?

———– I really wonder, how long a society totally against the Dharma able to go on ? 

PS:  If anybody is wondering about the situation in China,  especially around their Hi-Speed Train,

—– Please search and find the articles about [劉志軍]  and [丁書苗]  in  [経済観察報]or 香港 [明報] .


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  1. Diane said, on October 4, 2011 at 14:38

    Chilling indeed! It has to catch up with us sometime, it is against universal laws.

  2. Diane said, on October 4, 2011 at 14:42

    According to mental science (mental can also mean “mad” 🙂 ) there is no outer but all is within. That mindset of making a quick buck is in all of us and each one of us has to face the fear of lack and proving our self worth through what we own materially.

    P.S I also love shopping in China shops for cheap gadgets but try not to buy their shoes as they break so easily!

    • yoshizen said, on October 4, 2011 at 16:11

      May be it was their over-reaction to endure in misery too long while shouting “American capitalism is
      mere Paper Tiger” It was the demerit to go with Ideology (only exists in the mind, not in reality).
      Strange things are a Mormonism —– Money looks reality though the value is only in the mind. But as
      everybody believe the same value, it works. —– Can money ever buy happiness ?
      In fact I’ve met many millionaires, —– still got same mortal body and getting old etc, having the same
      kind of trouble with women etc (only divorce settlement is huge 😀 ) and having more headache in
      how to run business, investment, tax etc etc.
      Somebody said, the reason why get rich quick is to save the money to escape from the China and
      move to another peaceful happier country. —– anyhow, 1/3 of human population is the Chinese 😀

  3. Diane said, on October 5, 2011 at 12:24

    Yes! We are conditioned to respond a certain way towards the worth of paper and coin money. Others say from the Amazon rainforests who have never seen money must think it is crazy 🙂 Maybe more and more people will barter in the future.

    Does money bring happiness – not of itself, but as the saying goes, ” I’d rather be unhappy and rich than broke and unhappy!”

    Wow! That’s a lot Chinese!! 🙂 More and more Chinese are coming into S.A that is why our President did not organize for the Dalai Lama’s visa properly, although they deny it. http://www.news24.com/SouthAfrica/Politics/Dalai-Lama-wouldve-received-visa-Motlanthe-20111005 What would you say the future holds for us if the Chinese government strengthens its hold here?

    • yoshizen said, on October 5, 2011 at 14:42

      Money, Power and Politics are entwined complexed game, thousands times more complicated
      than Chess game. The situation is even worse as the unpredictable new piece which is even not
      on the board = influence of the Internet came to play a role in the past 10 years or so.
      ( And the freak climate as well )
      Chinese is testing a depth of water with newly acquired money and the power —– its unknown
      territory. And what would come tomorrow is not clear even with the Chinese Ichin prediction.

      SA official says “We are not pressurised or influenced. We make our decision” = decision under
      the consideration with pressure and the implication what its influence would cause 😀

      On the 70th oil shock, the OPEC thought that they got oil-power hence they can get money quick.
      So, they pushed oil price high = they got $ —– then the world economy corpsed and the value of $
      fallen to the bottom = the value of $ they have got is even less than before 😀 They burnt fingers.

      With a pretext of dispute over a small island, China restricted the export of Rare Earth material to
      Japan, as they thought, they can show-off the power = the electronic component which use those
      material couldn’t be produced = as China industry couldn’t get the component from Japan, they can
      not keep their production. And Japanese is looking for somewhere else to get the materials.

      Chinese government’s back is burning as they can foresee the coming burst of their property bubble,
      coming demographic chang as their old population will soon twice as many than working population,
      and the set back from their exploitely commercial activities all over the world.

      I’m more interested in [What the rules of Universe = we Buddhists call Dharma] would take a measure.
      Already the earth is having much more share of disasters in this year. What would come next ?

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