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Clockwork DHARMA ?

I just found a good metaphor to explain [What is Dharma] !

It’s a huge gigantic machine !    (No, this is no a joke   😀 )

Gigantic, as its mechanism extend as far as to the end of universe.

And as it is working and ticking,  it’s keep moving,  hence, no same moment ever exists.

But this machine is invisible, except some end-device connected to its mechanism.

Its mean, all the visible existences are the part of this machine.

This machine exists since the start of the universe, long before human kind appeared on the earth.

Therefore, no written specification, operational manual in any language exists, yet still, some part of its

mechanism and the function has been observed and deciphered as a science and chemistry.

As it is a viable working machine, there is certain tendency and the rules of the way how it works,

though, as it is so gigantic and too complicated, it is beyond the capability of the human to know whole function.

—– except Buddha.


While observing the phenomena and its occurrences, Buddha noticed that, this world is a kind of system

which is affecting and reacting to each other. ( This intertwined connection is the Karma )

He found it as the system of infinite size which contains ourselves as a part.

And as it is constantly adjusting and reacting, there can not be a single moment of stillness

—– nothing stays the same.

And as it is a system automatically working like a machine, it doesn’t have human like Ego or its own SELF

—– and the human is its part of mechanism, human has SELF neither.

And this system exists before human and not designed to serve for human, its operation is not necessary

for the benefit of human, therefore to live as a part of this system, occurrences are not centred for human

nor kind to human. —– Hence life is harsh.

—– with those contemplation, Buddha found the wisdom to deal with this system or to live as a

part of the system with minimum aggravation,  hence in peace and the harmony.

And the teaching is —– to know how the mechanism of the system and the mechanism of ourself works.

Only the way to find the function and its internal rules of the unknown mechanism is —– to observe

and find it by oneself.—– (Finding it,  is the Enlightenment)

As the system is working automatic, disregarding the human ego or emotion, to impose or try to understand it,

with human-like mind is pointless —– because the system itself has no such mind.

( You can’t deal with machine with your emotion — you have to do it like handling a machine 😀 )

As the system (include ourself) is operating without the mind, try to think or explaining it with words is

useless.  It needs to observe its function and the results = deeds.   Hence, talking, thinking has no place.

—– This is what the Dharma is.


You may not like this description   😀

Especially the western people got used to think the God as a personified figure, as it was imagined as a

super-human,  though,  no such things in the Universe.

Nor so-called great soul, like Brahman or Atman. ( Romanticized idea appeals to the emotion, but

romantic idea is far from the Truth )

The Dharma is the system much more like a huge machine.

That’s why it is operating dispassionately / in Mushin ( Mind of no-mind).

( Financial panic may caused by the fear of speculators which some Buddhist may say “It’s only in the mind”

though, resulting rise of interest will affect all others like a mechanical precision and the force)


In fact, human mind is always causing a destruction and a mayhem to the system.

—– that’s why the Buddhism says Mushin, Taoism says Woii —– do nothing intentionally = let the natural

mechanism to take its own course.

( I found this metaphor is the clearest explanation —– in words 😀 —— Convinced ? )




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