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Being faced with the Riot situation, PM David Cameron hastily came back from his holiday —–

and today shouted “Moral decay of the Nation”.

With some cynicism, it may not too far to say, the fundamental mind-set of the Tory is  “ This is my country

and we are in charge with it” —– and the Labour’s is  “We are the victim of THEIR suppression. Hence we are

entitled to rob THEM”   😀

Therefore,  when Tory saw the disorder,  they feel their treasured possessions and the peaceful life were

threatened = Crisis of the Nation !  ( Labour says ” It’s their expression.  Blame only yourself.  Not us ”  😀  )

( In fact, with their mind-set,  Labour devoided the Britannia and its collective Ethos with a pretext of

Political correctness such as Multi-culturism, superficial ethnic equality, human right etc —- only resulted

with fragmentation of the society, and made this country easiest place for a [non-person] to live.)


There has been thousands of talking analysing the situation —– poverty, under-class, unemployment,

frustration of young people, lack of role-model = lack of father figure etc etc —– !

I noticed yet everybody is missing the point. —– may be as they are living in THIS society,

they don’t have eyes to see it from the distance / objectively.   (and a consideration and a precaution not to

go against the voters psyche,  they can’t speak out the truth.  And, all the words of politicians are

preloaded, to make life of opposition party hard —– not necessary good or bad to the Nations = politics)

( That’s why politician often says completely opposite when they are in the power or not)


So, what was the POINT  I found ?

The root of evil is the virtualization of the society.

—– I’m not just talking about the Computer Game — it is only an iconic symbol of phenomena.

You may say I’m too anachronistic though, think, the situation is only around single century or so.

Only less than hundred years ago many people were the farmers and did know, the food is not coming

from Tesco.   Not only the industrial system,  whole socio-economic system is now beyond the anybody’s

imagination.   No body understand how the financial system is working.

And to the many rioters who is receiving the benefit —– the money is just coming.  There is no

reality such as “HARD EARNED MONEY” —– they don’t know who is working hard  paying tax.

And almost all of us don’t know how a shiny gadget was made or who is making it.

Thanks to the Information revolution, you may find a company website and a photo of the factory

producing iPad in China though,  how anyone can have real feeling, toil of work there, from an

image of Computer screen. —- We can see zillions of information but no reality.

—– without any reality, nobody care, how the Shiny Gadget was happened to be there —– rioter would

easily think “WHY NOT in my hand”—– anyhow shop will claim the insurance = no damage.

As the socio-economic system became beyond the comprehension, in the same time law and order

the judicial system is in hay-wire.   Somebody can get huge pay-out from the compensation claim which claim

is not in line with social sentiment or common-sense, especially when it is related to a racial issue,

human right issue —– the feeling of  ” somebody else is cunningly exploiting the system = Why not me ?

I can dodge the system as well.   Even MPs are defrauding public money, and the Banks, Multinationals got

enough money for exuberant payout = pinching small amount wouldn’t harm them = any how their money is in

the tax-heaven.   They are not in our world.  And I AM not with them ”  ====> How they can feel

that they belong to the same society, same community and shar the same pain, and Moral ?


The ETHOS and MORALITY is not came from a preaching or written knowledge.

But its comes from practice. A process of Doing. Doing through own practice and seeing others’ doing.

That’s why thousands words of nice talking of politician evaporated when their fraud was exposed.

( Why more Labour Politician was caught ?  Because of their fundamental psyche to see themselves fighting

the establishment —” it was an enemy’s money = why not appropriate for myself  in this good opportunity” )

If those supposed to be a role model is corrupt, how they can expect other’s morality.

In old days, the life had to learn and the money had to earn —– with actual hard doing of work.

In the process, everybody learn the relation and effect of working with others and the outer community

= lesson of the cause and the effect.   And what would boomerang.   What is good or Bad.

Everything were directly connected —– there was no virtual world other than the dream.


And this is the reason why Buddhism employ the practice in their teachings.

Because, the practice and its nerve signals is connected to the one’s subconsciousness, hence it will

be burnt into the bottom of the mind.   It is invisible but bound the man’s life = Ethos.

But the abstract notion and the words in the higher legion of brain does fade away before long.


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  1. Allelyah said, on August 16, 2011 at 01:19

    We are understanding something together about what life can use itself understanding and doing that can be continued.

    • yoshizen said, on August 16, 2011 at 13:14

      You are saying in relation to the God I’m saying in relation to
      the Dharma —– in fact, may be we are seeing the same.

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