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How Mindfulness and MUSHIN exists in the same time ?

This question seems to haunt a Zen novice for ever, as I’ve been asked again and again.

One of the reason, why it is hard to understand is —– because the person is trying to understand it

in the head / thinking process.

Zen is a very simple PRACTICE but not a kind of practice to be understood or comprehend.

(Think, riding a bicycle — you don’t need to understand the theory. You just need practice)

Understanding is the process in the higher legion of the brain / conscious thinking process,

but Zen is the state of the subconscious —– hence it can not be handled consciously.

Without your conscious control, to move forward right leg, then left leg, this is how you walk.

As it was all done in subconsciously, you don’t need to know, in order to move your right leg,

which muscle to contract or so on —– everything done in automatic. —– You walk in Mushin.


As the Zen is a PRACTICE, you got to practice and master it, or simply just do it. While doing it, you will

get used it and soon or later you master it = you don’t need to understand.

Once you mastered it, as it will be processed and carried out in your subconscious = you do it just as a

routine or a habit = you do it in MUSHIN.    (Very simple and clear isn’t it ?)


And Zen is the state of the Mind behind of those action, in any or all sorts of the action —– hence

Walking Zen, Lemon Zen, anything can be the Zen — put all together, everything LIFE in Zen.

(When total Life became Zen, it is a step before the Enlightenment 😀 )

Because of the people misconceived that the Sitting is Zen, it made the matter confusing.

Sitting is a relaxed posture, taking a rest = have a break = do nothing hence most of the time even

the brain is in idle.   (but some thing might come and go —– sometime new idea might come-up)

—– therefore, some say, it is the MEDITATION (deep thinking), others says its got to be

in Mushin = No-thinking.   But, sitting is only one of the action (or rack of it ?) and

the state of the Zen is not confined in this posture.


When you are in action, —– if you have been doing it routinely, you are able to do it in Mushin, —– but

can you DO two things in the same time ?     I don’t think so.

When you DO, you do only one thing.   The brain can think many things in the same time or rapidly

scanning many thoughts, hence you feel, many thoughts are in busy traffic.

Not only many thoughts are running, the situation is rapidly changing = only a measure is, to deal

one thing at a time, in fact that is only we can do without making a mistake.

(Only a thing you can do in the same time is to do something while walking on a flat road as an exception.

You can test it.   Still, thinking can run parallel —– but, it would be a destruction, that is why it’s need to

have a concentration = eliminates any another thinking = this is what Mindfulness really mean)


People thinking and imagining, try to figure it out —– by way of thinking.   That is the reason why it is hard

to imagine, the state of the mind / fully concentrating to the subject on front = (so-called Mindfulness ) and

the Mushin (Mind of No-Mind / not thinking) can exist in the same time.

It’s co-exists only in Practice,  or because of when it is Practice, it is co-exists.

(may be the use of two words made it complicated,  like an electrical phenomenon, Current and the Voltage

—– phenomenon itself is only one phenomenon = just a dynamism of the Electron.   In order to observe

its phenomenon, when we put a meter in series = meter shows the current.   And if the meter was connected

in parallel = meter shows the voltage.   But the electron has no intention to express anything.

They just move when it is possible to move —– man created two separate notion and made it complicated.)


In metaphor, Mindfulness is to eliminates all another thoughts —– say, when you got to

do [A],  to eliminates any thoughts other than about [A] is Mindfulness.

Then eliminates the very thought about [A] is the Mushin. ==> While doing [A], if no thought

is there at all, how the job [A] can be done = it is done by the Dharma.

Therefore, it is far better than “Done by yourSelf ”   ! ! !

( Quite convincing isn’t it ?    😀 )


—– It seems that instead to use two words,  it is better to use one word Ichijo.

(Oneness = a mind and a subject are fused together as one Dharma,  hence the Self and the

subject itself are no longer exists as the separate entity, or seen to be exist) —– therefore,

the matter of whether one’s mind is there or not (about Mushin) or the subject which needs

to be fully concentrated (So-called Mindfulness ) is there or not, all become irrelevant.

( May be the first person who translated the notion of Zen into English didn’t know what the Zen really mean

—– good in English doesn’t necessary mean having good understanding in Zen   😀 )


It’s true, in the notion of ICHIJO,  all the teachings of Zen resolved into

an infinity of the DHARMA.

The best of all, it is cheaper to practice only one ICHIJO, instead of Mushin, Mindfulness and Meditation.

—– you can get all three in one practice of DOING anything. Ha ha ha, it’s suits to a humble man   😀

—– And this is exactly what the Dharma mean. Totality is the Dharma.




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  1. Stanford Toth said, on September 7, 2011 at 22:58

    My ideas precisely!

    • yoshizen said, on September 8, 2011 at 00:18

      Good good !
      I’m very happy to hear that.
      Peaceful day, peaceful life for you.

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