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Glucose Level and the Will-Power

Posted in Cyber Space, Emotion, Evolution of Brain, Evolution of Mind, Intelligence, Mind, Zen by yoshizen on September 11, 2011

There are some internet information and the blog talking about the tendency of human behaviour,

in relation to the blood sugar level.

A blog talking about the influence of sugar (glucose) level to one’s will power quoting an article

in the New York Times which says depleted sugar level lead to the person indecisive. (postpone the decision)

This full 7 pages article is in deed the test of one’s will power to read through 😀

It’s talking about this research and other research and so on, and the observation connecting glucose

level to decision-making appeared in 5th page.  ( Better jump to the page,  if you are busy)

Somewhat interesting observation though, this research having a fatal flaw.   Its observation is

based on a statistic of the decision-making of a Parole Board —– which application was passed in the daily

schedule in relation to the time of the day. (Possibility of a Parole given to criminals are much higher

soon after the lunch break, but later afternoon seemed to be very few) — this statistic came from official

document, but conclusion wasn’t based on the blood sample taken from the members of the Parole Board.

Hence speculating its tendency that it was contributed by the glucose level was nothing but a guess work

speculation. —– There could be hundreds more psychological factors.

The activity of the brain can be seen as a graphic image of PET (Positron Emission Tomography)

scanner.  PET image shows how the energy consumption (Oxidation of the glucose) is taking place.

—– If depletion of the glucose is there = no emission = no bright image = shadow.

Even a person under observation, who was taking heavy brain taxing work,  PET image never shows a shadow

= brain is keep working.

The sugar level in the blood is as crucial as the oxygen level, hence the blood circulation and the controlling

mechanism of the sugar level has been evolved in the past million years of evolution.

I don’t think the human kind who didn’t have a chocolate handy in their daily life suffered with

poor decision-making due to the glucose depletion.   (Otherwise we have been extinct long ago)

And the another article I found was a kind of statistic made by a marriage adviser (?)  Mary. J. Hungerford

of California (though, I couldn’t find the original article) which said that 3/4 of the divorced couple were

having sweet tooth and she speculates it must be caused by the higher level of the

Adrenalin which was associated with the higher level of glucose in the blood.

Higher level of Adrenalin makes the person aggressive hence argumentative —– which lead to the

break down of the relation and end up in divorce.   (Really ! ? )

—– Very funny contradicting fact is [ What about Diabetic ] it was caused by higher level of

the glucose in the blood.  Does it creates an aggressive man of will ?  Quite opposite isn’t it ?

PS :  After I’ve put this post,  I Googled [Glucose level,  Will-power] and realized this idea was not novel,

—– but rather popular idea.   Then I gave a thought  [what I was eating in the Eihei-ji temple ] —–

—– A bowl of rice porridge (of cause not with milk,  just boiled in a lots of water) and pickled vegetable for

—– break fast.  In the evening, a bowl of rice,  a dish of such as boiled vegetables, tofu etc, and miso-soupe.

—– Strangely I have no memory of lunch —– may be it wasn’t there.

—– I think, to anybody’s eyes and a mouth,  it was not a kind of  food  to energize the Man’s Will-Power   😀

—– Despite such poor food,  the Monks even ordinary visitors stay there to spend the time of nothing  !

—– There was no restriction to leave, if anyone wish.   So that, to stay there may need to have a will-power.

—– Think about the heroic story of the sheer Will-Power,  like Shackleton’s Polar Expedition etc.

—– Did he has a luxury of daily portion of chocolate to keep his will  ?   I don’t think so.  😀

—– I don’t think the will-power of what people talking about here and the explorer’s or mountain climber’s

—– will-power is the same kind.  Neither any Zen Master’s will.

—– Buddhist has completely different psyche —– there was no will at all,  hence those

—– Masters got enlightenment  !  ( Buddhist doesn’t intentionally pursuit the goal by will

—– but to set the goal as the default = if nothing else is there, what else can we wish for ? )

—– When (to his eyes) no chocolate is there, why want to eat chocolate —> once this kind

—–of mind  became the norm,  do something by the will doesn’t need a chocolate   😀

—– If he wants to do [A],  Just Do [A] —– anyhow nothing else is in his scope.

—– To chose [A] out of 26 and do it needs to think and the will.  But if nothing else there,

—– it is only a thing he can do. —– This is the ZEN.

—– ___/\___


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